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Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by CJx, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. CJx

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    Does the heavy trigger pull of most Sig Sauers affect ability to shoot accurately and quickly when drawing double action from a holster? I'm looking at different guns for concealed carry like a glock 19, walther pps/ppq, sig p229, and the first 3 guns have like a 5lb trigger pull double action, while Sigs seem to usually have a 10lb pull DA.

    I would think that the heavy trigger pull of a Sig would pull your shot off marginally, which would be bad in a self defense situation. Of course you would have to practice practice practice the Sig trigger pull or any gun, but. I know also you need a heavy pull on the Sig due to no ext safeties, but if it throws off aim is it worth it? Anyone have experience to share?
  2. Judge

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    I had always shot Glocks because the trigger pull was quicker to learn and thus accuracy was achieved sooner. Several months ago I purchased my first DA/SA Sig. First several trips to range were frustrating due to DA trigger pull. Then I started dry firing a lot (I mean a lot more than a lot) at home just using the DA. The dry firing was great practice and now 4 months later I have really started enjoying the DA. I think dry firing practice is the key. Don't see myself buying another Glock now...all Sig.

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    I have a Sig, but don't carry it. Striker fire guns are my preference for CC...having said all of that, I believe if you practice with the Sig, you will become very proficient regardless of the trigger pull...also, if you have a revolver, practice from DA would also be of benefit, though not a substitute for practice with your CCW.

    Consider it a homework assignment to put 1000 rounds through your new gun and enjoy...good excuse! :D
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    Trigger pull is something you can adjust to. If the pull of the trigger moves the gun, you are either giving it too much trigger or not enough. Unfortunately each gun has a different finger placement, because of the weight of the pull.