sig SAS vs. Sig elite

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by shooter2440, May 15, 2010.

  1. shooter2440

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    hello i am currently looking to purchase a handgun. I have narrowed it down to the p229 Sig SAS and the p229 Sig Elite. i know there is roughly 200 dollars between them two. but i am having a hard time decide. I went to the shop and looked at them both. i will look for this to be carry gun. i did however feel that the elite is bigger. i was curious if anyone here carries one or the other and could also give me some insight on the performance on each. I know they are both the same model so i dont expect there to be much difference. one major thing i noticed were that the sights on the elite were raised almost like adjustable sights. the guy at the shop said that the elite is hard to find a holster for because of that. any help is appreciated thanks.
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    In the P226 I have an Elite and a standard model. There is no difference in the sights or holster fit between the two guns. My Elite has the beaver tail and the SRT, but it is the steel frame of the Elite that makes the biggest difference between the two models. The steel framed Elite is noticeably heavier than the aluminium frame. For CCW I would lean away from the Elite because of the weight. If the gun is a duty gun or a nightstand queen then I would go with the Elite.