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Sig P6 arrived today

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Took my latest buy, the Sig P226 to the range today for my first outing. Put 4 boxes thru it and I am impressed for sure. The first mag I put all 15 within the 8 ring at 10 meters without working hard. As I got a bit more used to it I could put each mag into 3 inch groups again at 10 meters. No wonder folks love Sigs. I had been home about a half-hour when the range guy (gun store as well) called and said my P6 (German police P225) was in. Needless to say I hopped into the truck and zoomed over to get it. I am very pleased with what I got for $299. There's some holster wear but it's clean and tight. Back to the range tomorrow to test it out... (Pix added to gallery)

(Bought 2 Sigs this week. Someone needs to make an offer on the P89 I have listed for sale - I'm broke)
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