sig p250 2sum

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by sltxdm11, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. sltxdm11

    sltxdm11 New Member

    I have been thinking bout buying the kit and was wondering you guys look on it
  2. glockman55

    glockman55 Member

    I'm not a fan of the DAO..

  3. Clem

    Clem Member

    I prefer the 226. I got mine in 9mm, then got the .22 conversion, then got the .357 SIG/.40 S&W conversion/barrels. It works very well in all calibers. I just put the new E2 grip on. Feels very nice.
  4. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    I had a P250 in .45 and it is one of the only guns I've sold...just didn't like the feel of it and hated the trigger.
  5. VitSports6

    VitSports6 New Member

    I enjoyed mine, I have 2 p250's, Working on a third.
    Everyone complains about the trigger, I have no issue, However I was raised on revolvers.
    I guess I am one of the rare sellers of the P226, I didn't care for it.
    I suggest you locate one locally and try it out first, Before you buy.
    Good luck
  6. silverado113

    silverado113 New Member

    It's either love or hate. Personally I didn't like the feel of them, but I have a buddy who has two 2 sums one in 9mm and one set in .40. He loves them, so the bottom line is go pick one up at the LGS and fondle it well to see how you like them before you buy.
  7. ginfield

    ginfield New Member

    I just sold my 250 in .40
    Didn't like the feel of the trigger.
    Went with a 229 instead.
  8. ShadowForce

    ShadowForce New Member

    Clem, I knew you could get the SIG .22 conversion kit if chambered in 9mm but was unaware you could also get a conversion kit for .357 SIG/.40 S&W. Is that a SIG provided kit as well? Do you mind sharing how much it was?

    That seems like a very flexible platform. I'm assuming the same conversion kits could be bought for the 229.

  9. Shoots2little

    Shoots2little New Member

    I have the 250 2sum kit in 9mm. Have had it for a month now and am really enjoying it. Close to 500 rounds through it (350/150 split between the frames) with no issues of any kind, with about 9 different types of ammo, mostly 115g. Not much in hollow point yet. I had a chance to shoot a friends compact version with the small grip frame before I chose to buy mine. His had close to 5000 rounds through it. Trigger pull is long but works for me. I was surprised how close mine was in feel to his with the difference in rounds. Mine came with the full sized in the med grip frame and sub comp in small. Both fit well, although I think I would like the med size in the sub but my wife likes the sub in small so i will probably leave it be. Changing between the two frames is really slick and takes just a minute. Have changed it back and forth a dozen times now, and it is a no brainier. Only pisser is I have two frames and barrels to clean when I get home from the range!!.

    I know a fair number of people poo poo the cheap Sig but I have to say that for the money it really is a good value. My suggestion is to get your hands on one and see if you are bothered by the long pull, even dry firing will give you some inclination. Good luck.