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    I've been wanting something suitable for easy pocket carry, and I found a really good deal on an unfired P238. I picked it up Friday and took it to the range yesterday.

    I put 170 rounds of target ammo through it without a hiccup (WWB, PPU and Monarch) and five rounds of Hornady Zombie Max (the only .380 PD ammo at Academy on Saturday).

    It took me a while to get used to gripping such a small gun, but I got the hang of it. Some of my better groups were actually one handed. :eek:

    It's very controllable, even considering that it's a .380. And unlike most guns that small, it's actually kind of fun to shoot.

    It's an SA27... serial number, so it's after the recall models. And I checked brass at the range to make sure it wasn't chewing that up as I've read some of them have a tendency to do. It also came with the newer flatwire recoil spring, so I should be able to avoid those issues to.

    The guy I bought it from threw in (got rid of) a Crossbreed Supertuck for it, and I'll be ordering a pocket holster tonight. I expect I'll be carrying it a lot.

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    Very nice! I love mine too, went in expecting to get an LCP and walked out with the P238.