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    Hello everyone...I'm a new member to this. I have been reading a lot of threads since I got on. Seems like this is my kind of club! I recently purchased a Sig P238...if you haven't shot one and contain a CC license...go find one and shoot it. I have multiple guns, but this "mini 1911" is sweet. Period. If any of you out there are aware of parts and/or accessories for this model of gun then I am talking to you. I want to replace the trigger on this gun. I am looking for a lightweight trigger that isn't plastic (like the current one on mine). I don't know why Sig made such an incredible gun and then put this trigger on it. I have been looking everywhere and can't find one. If you know where I can buy one OR get one made please let me know. I appreciate any responses!
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    The trigger can be worked on and there is a possibility that Colt parts may work. It is a copy of the small Colt 380. I would let a gunsmith look at it. I like mine too.

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