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Sig P229/239 or Glock for Concealed Carry

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Living in the Philly area, I am looking to buy a gun for self defense and practice. I like the .40 caliber size for the magazine size/power balance... I'd also consider a .45. I definitely need something that will be comfortable concealable...

I love the Sig's style much better than the glock... However I like glocks new trigger safety system (it can only fire by using the trigger).

My question is... Do the Sig's have safety's? And what would happen if the hammer got caught on my shirt and then released... Would it fire?
I was at the gun range and rented a 9mm Sig and I asked the ranger where the safety was... He said that the safety is to not pull the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

So all in all I like the Sig styling much better... But I like the glock for the safety option. Can I have an experienced opinion on this?

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Dan, 4/21/08

You have picked some good pistols in an effective caliber. I have all three of your choices except mine are in 9mm. Both have built-in safeties to prevent accidental discharge, neither has a manual safety like the 1911's. The main difference is in the construction (Glock is plastic framed, Sigs usually have an aluminum frame), the grip angle and the trigger pull. The Glock trigger pull is double action only with a long, constant weight. The sigs have a heavier first double action pull at about ten pounds, and all subsequent shots are in single action with a trigger pull of about 4.5 pounds. Both have firing pin blocking plungers which prevent the firing pin from hitting the cartridge primer unless the trigger is pulled (ie- they won't fire if dropped or if something snags the hammer (on the sigs). Both are routinely carried with a round in the chamber, and with the sig the hammer is down. There are some single-action-only sigs which are set up with a manual safety like the 1911's but I am not including these in the discussion.
The only way to decide which one you want is to rent both at a range. Some people like the Glock, some like Sigs. For me I prefer the Sigs. Either way both are great pistols which are reliable, accurate and safe.
For a carry pistol look at the Glock 19. For the Sigs the 229 is a bit large for me to carry and I prefer the 239. Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow
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