Sig P226 vs. CZ SP-01 ??

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by BearArms2, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. BearArms2

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    With a bit of research, I have found these two guns (Sig P226 and the CZ SP-01) for about the same price (both 9mm and both with a rail)

    In terms of a gun for home protection, which of these two guns ranks higher in terms of reliability and being most accurate? I realize both Sig and CZ make quality handguns, so we may be splitting hairs in this one -- but anything you can offer would be much appreciated!

    thank you in advance!
  2. Sonic82

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    These are used? If so, and they both appear in equal shape and you say the price is the same, I'd get the SIG. The CZ is a great pistol but a SIG is a SIG. It'll hold it's value better. Better name recognition. Parts and accessory availability.

  3. BearArms2

    BearArms2 New Member

    they are new guns....and they are 'close' enough in price...CZ is less...but just under $100 less from what ive found.
  4. sweeper22

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    Advantage to whichever feels best in your hand. This is the probably the only answer to your question..

    Both are great guns. I have a P226 and a CZ 75b, and am a little CZ biased just because I shoot my CZ better. Why do I shoot it better? Well, mostly because it fits my hand perfectly. But the Sig probably comes with night sights, which is a nice attribute for a HD gun. As far accuracy and reliability...the difference between the two would be negligible to the point of rendering those issues meaningless in my opinion. These are first rate, battle tested service pistols; the world over.

    If the cost is no deterrant and you've already handled both, I'd probably point you in the direction of the Sig 226. Night sights, a little lighter frame, nice trigger, well-balanced and durable gun. But like you said, you're splitting hairs getting a good feel for each should be priority #1.
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  5. kdog

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    Get both.....:D

    I have both. A 1994 P226 in 9mm and a CZ75 Pre B.
    I prefer to shoot the CZ. Just like on sweeper, it just fits my hands better and because I can`t hit a barn door with my Sig.......

    My advice, since both are about equal quality, try both of them out on the range.
    Asking 10 persons here will end in 10 different opinions on what to choose, because of the personal preference.
    But in the end, no matter wich one you choose, both are fantastic firearms and for both, Sig and CZ you will find enough tuning and spare parts.