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    Today I started testing my Sig P226 DAK in 357 Sig.

    I have always liked the 357 caliber and today realized that it's everything the forty wants to be but isn't. I've not found a more accurate round that is such a reported fight stopper. As I was acclimating myself, again, to the caliber I realized how much fun it is to shoot. I was going to convert my P-35 to 357 Sig from .40 S&W but decided not to. One of the reasons for that was I have been wanting to try the DAK platform ever since I heard about it.

    The DAK trigger, at least in my 226, feels like a S&W revolver trigger that has been worked on by a competent 'smith. The only difference is, you cannot stage the trigger like you can on a revolver. Best result are seen when you pull straight through. I found that when I attempted to stage the trigger I pulled my shots slightly. It didn't matter if you pulled the trigger fast or slow, just that the speed of pulling the trigger remain consistent.

    Of 100 rounds fired, mostly 125 grain TMJ but 15 of JHP, nary a misfed round to be found. The only issue was on the first magazine I fired, the slide failed to lock back after the last round was fired. I'll keep an eye on the magazine but it very well may have been shooter induced as I use a high thumb grip and I'm used to resting my firing hand thumb on the thumb safety of the 1911. The slide lock is about where the 1911's thumb safety would be.

    Today was a slow day. I was just getting used to the gun and the caliber. I was impressed with the accuracy and will increase my speed the more I shoot the gun. Right now I'm carrying the 1911, an old and familiar friend, but will slowly make the transition to the DAK. That will be after 700 rounds gets pushed through the gun. My intention is to run the first 500 rounds through without cleaning. When I received the gun I cleaned it and lubricated it using Wilson's Grease. It's my favorite lubricant and what I prefer to use. I run it on my AR Bolts, all bottomfeeding handguns, and anything else that goes BANG. The only platform I run 100% dry is the revolving pistol.

    Being that I'm in the transition phase between platforms I didn't fire any 1911 rounds today. The 1911 is an old and familiar friend and running one to my level of satisfaction has become almost instinctual. As I move away from this platform I will reach a level of satisfaction with the Sig, both in performance as well as reliability, and then put the 1911 away until I call upon it again.

    I fired the Sig without attaching my TLR 1 and with it attached. No issues either way were noted. No failures to feed, nor stoppages of any kind, other than the failure to lock the slide back on the first magazine fired once the last round had been fired. As I said this may be shooter induced. I will have to investigate further. I use a combination of the Crush Grip that I learned from Massad Ayoob and a “High Thumb” position where my support hand thumb pushes on the slide. I find this combination really helps me to control recoil and increase my accuracy. It does help to have callouses on the side of your thumb but if you don't you will quickly develop them using this grip.

    I look forward to more time with the P226 DAK in 357 SIG and while I'm not ready to declare it my platform of choice for carry yet, it's showing a lot of promise in that regard.
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    Awesome, glad you like it. The 357 sig can be easily forgotten in a day and age of 9mm, .40 or .45 debates. It is a pretty nice round and as you mentioned very fun to shoot. Keep us updated as you sling more rounds through it. :D