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  1. TerminalE3

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    Just Shot a 226 for the first time, felt great but a ton of misfires! I ran 250 rounds through it all different brands. And no kidding had about 50 misfires. It was a rented range pistol so it could be old and dirty. Told the range staff and they assured me that it "must be the ammo." Am wondering if this is a common thing with the sig P226 or not?
  2. drvsafe

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    Not from my experience. My nephews got one and I have a p229. Never seen a FTF or FTE from either. Not to say that others may have. But if its a range gun It may not get the attention it deserves.

  3. Thebiker

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    I have a Sig P226 9mm. I have had it for a little over 2 years and it spent some time as my regular CC and now rotates in occassionally just to be different.

    When it was my CC I averaged 150-200 rounds/week. It still gets @ 100 rounds/month.

    I have yet to have any issue with misfires. The only failure to feed I have had were related to the ammo, I roll my own and rarely miss a bad case, but it can happen.

    I have purposely gone 1000 rounds without cleaning just to find out if it would take the did.

    The range gun you shot may had more rounds through it than anyone can count and could have worn springs or who knows what else. Unless the range has a gunsmith on site to care for their rentals (the range that I work at does) the rental sometimes gets shot till they won't function before they are given a quick clean to get them back to the rental case. When cleaning no longer helps, well that's what equipment depreciation is for on business expenses followed by replacement.

    Don't judge the P226 based on one bad rental, it is an extremely reliable pistol that I don't hesitate to depend on.
  4. Corndork2

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    I ran 300 rounds through a Rental 226 last December at Pop Gun's in Indianapolis IN, and had 3 misfires. But hey -- thats a rental gun :)
  5. Cinderocka1989

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    My first gun was a 226 Navy, I got it from an ex boyfriend, who I believe got it from his Dad. It's old and you can see the wear on it but it shoots anything and everything I feed it. I'm a poor starving college student so I buy the cheapest ammo I can find. I've never had a problem with mine.

    Edit: I've had it for over two years
  6. locutus

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    I've run a thousand or more rounds through mine without cleaning just to try to make it sputter. Never had a stoppage of any kind.

    The military issues it as secondary standard as the U.S. Pistol, cal 9MM, M-11.

    IMHO, the finest service pistol ever made.
  7. drvsafe

    drvsafe New Member

    They just added the m11 to their regular pistol line.
  8. sdiver35

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    I agree - P226. This thing eats everything I have put in it. P226 Combat with factory threaded barrel.

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  9. tromulusZ06

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    It may be the mags, the only problems I've had are a bad follower, and bent feed lips. No problems with the firearm itself.
  10. capto56

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    I've put roughly 1000 rounds through mine and have had no misfires myself. My gf had one fte, but I suspect it was because of her grip. I also clean it after every range visit.
  11. Wilder

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    Had mine for a couple years, had one failure to eject the first trip to the range with it. No other issues or failures. I'll bet someone did a "trigger job" on it and went too light on the hammer spring.
  12. Tackleberry1

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    By "fail to fire" I assume you mean droping the hammer on a live round with no boom...

    Did you look at the primers? Were they dented?

    Many auto pistols, even well maintained ones, can get a heavy build up of brass shaving inside the firing pin channel. These will eventually put enough friction on the firing pin to impede it's forward movement.

    Striker guns like Glocks and XD's are more prone to suffer from this than hammer guns like the 226 but being a "range gun" certainly makes it a possibility.

    I've owned a 226 .40 since 2004. It's trusted as my quick access HD gun because it's the only auto pistol I've ever owned, "and that's a respectable list", that's never malfunctioned on me.

  13. 4sig

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    I've had a P226 since January and have put 3,500 rounds through it with one misfire and it was due to the ammo. Rental guns at many ranges get superficial cleaning. Get dropped. And handled many times by beginners. If you look at the abusive testing of most quality guns and particularly the 226 before theSEALS began to carry it. You'd understand how reliable a weapon it is. If you want to get to the bottom of the issue go back to the range with high quality ammo and try again. If problems then the gun needs a major cleaning or major overhaul. JMHO
  14. Phelenwolf

    Phelenwolf New Member

    I have carried a Sig P-229 and a 226 for over 12yrs and the only problem that I have ever had were magazine related. Other then that I love the way the Sig handles and how natural a pointer it is. Other then the price the Sig is a great pistol, but you pay for what you get. I guess that is why I have 5 Sigs.
  15. B5Dan

    B5Dan New Member

    Someone else from Utah!

    I love my 229. It's old, has quite a bit of use, and still functions 100%
  16. SigArmored

    SigArmored New Member

    I'vehad my 226 for about three years and I've fed it everything from steel Russian rounds to high quality PDX1's with never an issue.Then again I probably take better care of my sidearm than a rental range.
  17. 10P8TRIOT

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    I've put over 2000 rounds through my P226 9mm. I can remember 2 failures. 1) A failure to eject that was probably due to a light load or a limp wrist. This was with the 1st box of ammo I shot. 2) A failure to feed which was due to a damaged cartridge. I do take good care of my guns. With rental, you have no idea ... may be dirty, insufficient lube, weak springs, etc.
  18. D.C.

    D.C. New Member

    I'd love to get a look at that sig to see what has happened to it. My sig's have yet to give me any FTF or FTE and rolling my own most of the time. A careful examination may show the obvious. (chamber deposits? or other?) Interesting. Range guns sometimes get a spray of brake cleaner and then more oil than needed when its time to close. Just like to see it for myself.(a sig 226 malfunctioning that is)