Sig Mosquito thoughts after 900+ rounds

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    Last month we picked up a Sig Mosquito as our first gun in the home. I opted for it after doing lots of reading... because I wanted a gun to train on... and I felt that enough adjustments had been made since some early issues that it would serve my needs even if the early reputation could not be shaken off in some minds.

    I have posted some of this in other threads.. but wanted to do a standalone summary

    What I like:
    • I like the design of the controls (I see a 226-229 of some kind in our future in 9mm)
    • I like how it feels over the other guns we looked at like the SR22
    • I like that it is pretty predicable..There are things I can do to make it run nearly problem free.. and things I can do that will tend to force an error.. which clearing is a good drill for me.

    What about Ammo..
    I was lucky enough to find some new stock of CCI Mini Mags locally for 16 cents a round so the first 400 rounds were with the recommended Ammo.

    About one rnd per 1-2 boxs fails to fire .. rotate it in the magazine and it works.. so I attribute that to the ammo.
    When I was a bit rushed in loading the mags.. the 2nd round would sometimes fail to feed, but only about 3 times before I figured it out.

    I have never had a failure to eject with fresh CCI Minimags using the high velocity (standard spring) nor with the lower velocity spring. And now that I have mastered loading the magazines well they pretty much always work.. but I only have 100 rounds of them left so don't take them to the range...

    Recently I bought almost 1700 rounds of 1971 vintage CCI Minimags... they have worked for the most part. On the standard spring I do get some failure to ejects and in shooting can feel the vintage ammo has a bit more variability in power..

    Moving to the lower velocity springs the Vintage CCI Minimages will run 100+ rounds with no flaws.. but then I might hit 20 with 2-3 feed based failures..Nothing that gets in the way of my enjoyment of the gun or shooting.. and since I only paid .10 cents a round for the vintage stuff I am pretty happy. in loading the mags I note that some of the round's brass might be a bit snug... QA at the time or age I don't know..

    The surprise this weekend was some Remington Golden Bullets I paid about 16 cents a round for.. off Gun Broker.. I wanted to have a HP round for home protection since we only have a 22LR. I think they are 2 years old.. before the "New" was added to the box..

    I shot 120 rounds today trying with both springs . not one failure to fire.. not one jam.. When things settle down price wise to more normal I hope.. I might end up using these the most. And will be very comfortable with them being in the loaded mag I now keep in the safe next to the gun.

    I like the gun... It may be a bit more fussy than some others.. but I have to say it feels very accurate.. I am 49 with a bit of a shake in my hands that I have always had ...and am pretty new.. and yet I am finding that shooting next to others who clearly have more experience.. using larger caliber guns.. my groupings are often tighter... which surprised me.. 5-6 inches in some cases for 10-20 rounds a 7 yards.

    I also would note that again today there were people having jamming problems much more often than I did..

    What's my gun care regime:
    I have standardized on Milcom TW25B Grease and Oil..
    I clean it after each trip to the range where I shoot 200-300 rounds a visit.

    I am enjoying the new education and practice.... and am very satisfied with the Sig Mosquito.. it is responding exactly like I expected..
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    I have one as well. I find it is hard for me to get my fat long fingers on the trigger. The space between the trigger and trigger guard is very limited and small. This is about the only complaint I have with it.