SIG Mosquito (Mistake?)

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Fred007, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Fred007

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    I recently picked up a Sig Mosquito for various reasons and have initially been very disappointed. I searched and found a couple of threads where they are mentioned and just need to ask, does the trigger stay this bad? And/or is there anything that can be done about it? I have to say, out of my collection this is by far and away the worst trigger I have. Others have tried to shoot it and just can't pull the trigger. They hand the gun back with a strange look on their face, like "WTF?"

    I am on the fence on getting a full size Sig .45 and this has somewhat pointed me away from that choice. I called Sig about this, and they basically said, tough, that is the way it is.

    So, wondering what the other experiences are out there. Biggest problem, my 15yr old son who knows everything, told me to get the Walther, I had to go with the Sig as it fits my hand better. But, whoops, the kid was right and now I have to eat crow every day for the rest of my life....

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Frustrated Mosquito Owner...
  2. JonM

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    i would rank up there as a mistake. but you got company.

    ive got a sig p220 in 45acp and a sig mosquito. yes the trigger is utter crap. however the mosquito trigger is nothing like the p220 trigger. p220s have decent to very good DA triggers.

    if it wasnt for the craptastic triggers the mosquito would prolly be one of the better 22lr pistols out there.

    it does get a LITTLE smoother with use. removing the ils lock system helps some. it may be able to be smoothed out by a good smith that is familiar with trigger work on the SA side but nothing is going to really help the DA pull.

    the mosquito trigger in DA is only slightly better than the walther ppks DA trigger.

    ive held on to my mosquito cuz it is fun to plink with i SA mode and maybe ill take the plunge and do something about the trigger someday as a home project.
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  3. willfully armed

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    The mosquito trigger never got any better in mine. And was surprisingly accurate despite the trigger.

    I sold it off and picked up a walther p22. Its trigger is great in comparison.

    I wouldn't have ever considered either had I not bought the suppressor.
  4. HKSlinger

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    But don't it feel good in the hand.
  5. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    if the trigger were better, it would be perfect. Ill likely end up threading a Ruger MK II 5.5" bull bbl for my supressor so i can get a real trigger.
  6. NGIB

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    They are what they are - a fun plinker with size, shape, and controls similar to a "real" gun - with a less than great trigger. I passed mine on to my son and he has a lot of fun with it...
  7. boatman

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    i have a s&w 9, didn't want to spend so much on ammo, not a lot of choices for 22s in MA, got a mosquito. like it alot! in fact, wish i spent more on the 9mm and got the sig!

    can't mod triggers in MA, but like the feel of it alot
  8. AznZOhAn

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    I can't speak on the mosquito, but don't let that discourage you from the sig 45. I have a sig 220 carry and it shoots great, so good that I ordered a 220 platinum elite. Good guns.