Sig 556, vs Ruger SR556, vs ROB arms XCR?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by bsdavis4296, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. bsdavis4296

    bsdavis4296 New Member

    I'm going to get one of these, or a HK Sl8, or a FN Fs2000. Which one should I get and why?
  2. InDefenseofLiberty

    InDefenseofLiberty New Member

    What application are you wanting it for? The fs2000 is primarily built for close quarter situations. While extreme reliability is inherent in most of these guns they are built for widely different scenarios and needs.
    I'm afraid most will need a little more input to render a proper verdict.

  3. bsdavis4296

    bsdavis4296 New Member

    I should have been more specific, sorry. I'm zonked on tabs, just had wisdom teeth removed so Im pretty out there.

    Don't want to sound like a Call of Duty and/or (the supposed) "Seal Team 6," fanboy, but it need needs to be able to do everything to an acceptable standard. It doesn't have to do anything fantastic (but fire) but I need to be able to do anything to a standard tolerance, while being able to get good performance.

    Primary role: SHTF
    Secondary role: target shooting and plinking
    Terttiery role: Home defines carbine
    Other roles: Hunting, maybe competition shooting later on, making be feel like a bad ***, etc.

    The Primary use mandates it be versatile, reliable, and have available parts in the US if we see the end if TEOTWAKI. This is tricky, because I like the SIG the most, I think the FN Fs2000 will probably fit my requirements best (previously listed), SR556 will probably be the easiest to get parts for while handling well, the Sl8-6 performs the best (shooting wise), and that the Robinson Arms XCR is probably the best all around.
  4. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    Which one?
    None of the above.

    Because there are better, less proprietary choices for less money.

    If you're concerned about spare parts (a good thing given your scenario) then get a quality 16" DI AR.