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    This weekend while picking up my new Colt 6920 I also couldn't resist taking this Sig 556 home also. I had one of the first early versions of the 556 and while I loved the way it shot the thing was way to muzzle heavy. Sig has made a number of huge improvements over the early ones and the new Patrol carbine has a shorter gas system making it much less muzzle heavy. They also added the original Swiss folding stock which is rock solid and very comfortable. The bolt looks like an improved AK bolt which accounts for the reliability these 556s exhibit. That along with a great two stage trigger and they now have a series of rifles, carbines and pistols worthy of the Sig name.

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    I really like the 556 a lot. As a lefty it's great out the box and it takes AR mags.

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    Have owned my Patrol Swat for a few years and with a good solid chambering action it is a great gun. Quality materials, design, and construction.

    Nice rifle, you will enjoy.