Sig 238=1911?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by pumpkinball, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Don't jump down my throat, but I actually don't have alot of experience with 1911s. I do like 'em though, so don't think I ain't a fan. I just don't know much about them nor have I ever fired one. I have found that I am a little more into the compacts and subcompacts more than anything else. I have looked at some smaller frame 1911s, but one of the new toys that are out is the Sig Sauer 380. I know its not the old traditional design, but is it not very similar. I find that by holding it and checking it out in the store it's quite close. At least to my eyes. Like I said, I am not real familiar with these. Correct me if I am mistaken on this. I don't want to expect somthing out of this gun that it's not. I actually came really close to getting a Star model B, but backed out when I found out that night that it wasn't a true 1911. Parts would have been very dificult to come by and everyone said that I would be dissatisfied. I do want to get a true 1911 in a full size some day, but I'll be waiting quite a while. When I go to get one it will be exactly what I want. And it will be a custom piece that I will actually keep cased and safed. I already expect to have to spend a pretty little penny on this one, but it's a dream that might come true one day. For now, I'm just gonna get the ones that I like and CAN get. That's why I wanna know the ups and downs of the 238. Aside of comparing it to the 1911, I also want to know any pros or cons to the weapon.

    Thanks in advance.