Sig 230 and 232 any differences?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by DodgerBlue, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. DodgerBlue

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    I am looking into getting a Sig 230SL in .380 and was wondering the differences if any between the 203 and 232 models. Thanks
  2. silverado113

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    The P230 and P232 are remarkably similar in appearance. They have similar dimensions in grip, slide, hammer, decocker location and trigger-guard shape. The rear sight on the P232 is adjustable. The slide serrations are fewer and wider than on the P230; the sights go from two-dot to three and the grips are of a modern, SIG-Sauer style. Some models offer Hogue-style grips. Others feature a SIG-Sauer plastic grip with an embedded emblem.

    Internal Operation
    Both the P230 and P232 are simple blowback, hammer-fired pistols with double-action triggers. Both have similar internal dimensions, though the P232 features an automated firing-pin-safety. This is the significant internal difference between the two guns. Both pistols are made with stainless steel or aluminum alloy frames; later models feature a slightly heavier frame with a polished steel finish. Both guns are designed for reliability and durability.

    The P230 was manufactured to fire 9-by-18 mm Police, 9 mm Browning Short and 7.65 mm ammunition. SIG-Sauer dropped the 9-by-18 mm Police cartridge because of its unpopularity. If purchasing a used P230, avoid the 9-by-18 mm Police variant. No factories -- as of 2011 -- manufacture ammunition for this pistol.

    The SIG-Sauer P230 and P232 displays an operative difference in the automated-pin assembly. For practical purchasing decisions, the P230 and P232 are essentially the same; both are reliable and durable designs. The P230 is the older version of the same design. Buying a used P230 requires careful examination of the weapon for normal wear.

  3. SgtSam

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    I've got a P230 that I bought from my sister a few years ago. It's a very nice little pistol. In fact, after having shot a lot of the new batch of .380 pistols, I'll keep the P230. Much easier to handle, more accurate, can take the Buffalo Bore rounds and remain controllable, and is just about as easy to conceal, with the exception of pocket carry.

    You won't go wrong getting one, if you're looking for a good .380ACP platform.

    I also have a S&W CS9, which is actually a little smaller, shoots the 9mm, is just as comfortable to shoot, and little more concealable.

    My P230 is a backup for the CS9 should I have not have it available. Otherwise, the CS9 is always picked ahead of the P230.

    9mm is simply "far" superior to .380ACP.

    Good Luck.
  4. DodgerBlue

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    Hey Sam, agree that the 9 is superior but would disagree it is "far superior". However, no 9mm I know of has the lines of a P230 or 232. Just as easy on the eyes as a Playboy model.

    I went ahead and bought the p230 all black. Ill get some pics up asap. Thanks Sam for your input on both models. I thought that maybe the 232 was somehow going to better than the 230 since it was "newer".