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    Mention Sig .22 pistols and most people immediately think of the Mosquito. The Mosquito gets a lot of bad press but I have one that's reliable and accurate so they are OK. What some folks don't know is that Sig makes factory .22 versions of their popular P series guns.

    There are available in the 220, 226, and 229 series and go for about $400-$450 or so. Included with the gun is a coupon from Sig which lets you purchase the centerfire conversion for your .22 for $399 and the coupon is good for a year. As I wanted a real "duty" style .22, I selected the P220R in single action only trigger. I found this one on special at Buds a few months back for $399 delivered so it was a good deal as well.

    I picked it up and took it home and gave it the thorough cleaning a new gun requires and the next day it went to the range. I brought along 3 types of .22 ammo to give it a good test. I had CCI Mini-Mags, Winchester 333 bulk, and Federal bulk (both bulks from Walmart). My goal was to put a lot of rounds through it quickly to gauge the reliability.

    I started the test with 100 rounds of CCI and I had exactly zero problems. The gun was every bit as accurate as I expect a Sig to be. Next I went to the Winchester bulk and put another 100 rounds downrange with the same results. Finally I switched to the Federal and on about the 4th mag I had a single FTE and the round "felt" under powered when I fired it.

    In one sitting I put 300 rounds through the gun with a total of 1 FTE - pretty impressive to me. The real benefit of these Sigs is it allows a handgun newcomer to begin with a .22 and then swith to centerfire while not changing the platform at all. I highly recommend them.

    And yes, I have other "dedicated" .22s, 2 Rugers (Mk II & Mk III both stainless) and a S&W 617 (along with the Mosquito mentioned earlier)...

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    This is the route I opted for when I purchased my first handgun a couple months ago. A got the P226 and sent in my coupon for a conversion to .357sig. Then I went ahead and ordered a .40 barrel for it since that's the only modification required to shoot both .357 & .40.

    So far so good, but I'm still in 22lr-mode since my 357 hasn't arrived's been about 8 weeks since they received my check and coupon.

    For anyone in the market for a Sig 220, 226, or 229, this is worth exploring. You'll have to wait a several weeks to get the big boy caliber, but you end up paying only a bit more than you would without the 22lr setup. And 22lr conversions for Sigs typically run about $300 on their own.

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    I went the opposite way: I got a stainless 226 in 9mm and then later got a .22 conversion when they came out. Mine works very nicely and is nicely accurate. I notice that like most blowbacks, it is pretty snappy with high speed stuff, and kind of wimpy with standard speed stuff, and "colorful" with cheap, bulk stuff. Federal bulk stuff seems to be junk at the moment. Their other ammo is fine, but I have gotten squibs and near-squibs from their bulk stuff.