Sig 228?

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    So I got to my tech school and spend the first three days getting briefed on stuff I more or less don't remember. The only thing I really recall is a funny OSI (office of special investigation) with a SIG p228. I usually know SIG models by heart. Not so much here. What's it about?
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    It was basically the original 229. It was chambered in 9mm only and has a stamped steel slide.

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    I have an Astra. Very similar to a 229.

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    My favorite Sig.

    When production was still in Germany and around the time of the Service Pistol change to the Beretta the Sig P226 was actually in a tie with the Beretta but didn't offer the USA production and the bid was more expensive so we went with the Beretta.

    Sig began offering a compact P226 as the 228. Many government agencies really liked the pistol and it gained a following as a Compact 9mm.

    All pistols from Sig while in Germany had the Stamped Sheet Metal Slide @ that time: P220; P226; P228 etc. when production of the slides moved to the US is when SigUSA began using the Stainless slides on a Aluminum Frame and the P229 became the new pistol which was strong enough to handle the 40S&W and the Sig357.

    I have both the 229 and the 228 and absolutely love the P228 the best. Great compact version of the P226, IMHO.

    BTW, your making me feel old.
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