sig 2022 in .40 myth or legend + rant

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by gunsavy, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Do these guns even exist. I swear i have been looking for this gun for two months most shops only have 9mm or lie about having it just to get you in the store. I might breakdown and just get the 9mm until the .40 is no longer a myth. Another issue i have is these damn inner city guns shops with these ridiculously high prices. As i mentioned before they go as far as lying about what they have in stock just to get you in the store i actually heard a manager tell an employee, after being truthful to a customer on the phone about no having what they want "to never tell them we don't have it". I put a 22 rifle on hold at one of the local shops only to find out it was cheaper at a place maybe 40 min away so i called the shop and talk to the manager to see if he'd match the price and he did. But right after that he store will no longer give prices over the phone WHY cause they now there high as hell. Had to get that off my chest. thanks for letting me vent.( Oh and if anyone knows where i can get the 40 cal sigpro online from someone legit let me know )

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    They are real, just saw a used one at my LGD.