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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by NGIB, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I guess it's a natural progression for me as I like Sigs and I like 1911s - I've never owned a Sig 1911 but I will this afternoon. They are different in that they use external extractors but I've heard a lot more good than bad about them. I'm picking up a like new Carry Nitron today which is a steel framed Commander-sized gun with night sights and the features you'd expect in a gun at this price range. One of the things I like about it is that it does not have an ambi safety - which I prefer. The timing is perfect as I'll bring it to the action shoot tomorrow to give it a good checkout. I'm going to shoot my P229 in the event but I intend to put 50 or so rounds through the noob. Here's a pic of the gun I'm getting this afternoon...

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    Very nice. We have one quite similar, but it is quite snappy and not very accurate.

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    Looks good. I'll bet it shoots good too!
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    I won't be upset if you send that instead of the Springer.:D

    Looks pretty.
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    I have the exact same pistol. It shoots great and have never had a problem. I've put about 500 rounds through it. The only thing I don't like about it are the sights. As you know it has Novak night sights. They are very visible in the dark, however, and maybe it's just my old eyes, I can not see the sights in daylight. At the range I have a very hard time getting a sight picture. I have meprolights on my Kimber and they are visible night and day. I'm thinking about changing them to plain white dots. Would love to hear how you find they look to you after the weekend. Sigarms 1911 Model 19GS0015.JPG
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    A 36 oz all steel 1911 snappy? And a Sig not accurate?

    Kind of surprising to hear that...