Sig 1911 C3 in 45ACP

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    Several months ago I bought a new Sig 1911 C3 in 45ACP, and shortly thereafter bought a set of LEE Dies which include the Carbide FCD.

    I've been handloading for several rifle calibers starting way back in 1964, so over the years I've acquired all the various items that a guy thinks he needs!!
    Even got an old model PACT Chronograph and my press is an RCBS Single stage RockChucker mfg in 1964.

    At present I have some one pound cans of handgun powders that most likely will work (Win WST, IMR 4756 and Norma 1020 & Unique) couple of hundred StarLine new brass, CCI LP Primers, 185gr BERRY Plated HBRN, 200gr Berry Plated Round Shoulder-Round Nose-Flat Base bullets.

    This will be my first attempt at loading for a semi-auto pistol (45acp).

    Any comments, tips, suggestions will be appreciated. I haven't loaded much in the last few years, but figure at this age (82 in April), I can still learn something new:D.

    Thanks for your help. (Oh yea, I do have several loading manuals......but they are all 20 to 50 years old)
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    straightwall pistol is pretty easy stuff.

    make sure cases are proper length. hardly any should ever need trimming. 45acp doesnt stretch much at all.

    some 45 cases are small pistol primers some are large. segragate the two types if you got mixed ones makes priming easier.

    carbide sizer dies dont need lube for most short straightwall cases like 45acp. they DO nee to be clean however.

    i find 45 and 9mm easy rounds since there isnt much prep work needed other than seperating priming types and cleaning.