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  1. ktmboyz

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    How many of you have a gas mask in the shtf box? I have two on order for me and my better half and have mentioned it to a few other people and got the yer f-ing crazy look. I think its a great thing to have in uncertain times, even if not an attack but just a disaster at a local plant or something where you need one..
  2. Dillinger

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    I actually don't have them in there, and I too have thought about it, but I haven't pulled the trigger on that yet.

    I have several the basic emergency personnel white foam mask with the plastic inserts, but I don't have a traditional gas mask.

    Having Mount Rainier in the back drop of Casa De Dillinger it is something I should probably put a little more thought into though. :eek:


  3. CA357

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    I have two masks with spare filters. I can't remember which ones, but they're good quality masks that take NATO filters.

    FWIW, don't buy cheap ones. If you ever actually need them, you will want quality. What's your life worth?
  4. ARnoob

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    I've got a Soviet one, but it was mostly for looks. I don't know how well it works.

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  5. robocop10mm

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    We are actually issued high quality gas masks, chem suits and epi-pens. Gotta spend the post 9-11 money on disaster related items. Most days I have the Crown Vic with all the accoutrements. While in POV, I am rarely more than 5 miles from home and the afformentioned fully outfitted Ford.
  6. ktmboyz

    ktmboyz New Member

    do tell ???

    The ones I have checked into all state for bio, chemical or nuclear.
  7. Rex in OTZ

    Rex in OTZ Well-Known Member

    BoB........Bug out box

    The box 3foot by 2.5 x 2.5 foot has a latched lid and water resistant, carry handles, Its a carpenters job box made of some sort of high speed plastic, its perfictly suitable for storing tent,MSR camp stove & gallon of fuel, few food goods,compact camp cooking utensils/pots,cord& rope,collapseable saw with different blades (wood/meat,steel,studite/carbide will gnaw thru padlocks) firstaid kit, .22mag revolver and 4 boxes ammo, baby plastic tool set with screw driver/bits,them hammer/hatchet/prybar thingies, 2 sizes vice grips,gimlet for augering holes in wood, couple rolls duct tape, 300ft paracute cord,propane pizeo torch & bottle of gas, couple different size blue tarps, two plastic sheet paiters drop cloths, fire makeing kit & tender,2K#hand winch/porta power, short d-handle spade. thats what I have so far the extra sleeping bags loosly rolled up in gunny sacks with sleeping pads hung from the rafters in the back shed ready to go when needed,2ea 5gal gas cans of gasoline (pretreated with fuel stabul) I can bug out by 16' lund Boat/15Hp evinrude or Snowmobile&sled or Honda ATV & trailer in 30 Minuets with kids dogs and bug out box
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  8. guntotinguy

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    I have 2 m17 Israeli masks with updated 40M NBC NATO filters (about 6 each)both is a separate rucksack with the individual ALICE bags.Tested and up to date...
  9. RL357Mag

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    After a nuclear blast do you really think a mask or suit is going to protect you from radioactivity? Do you know what the half-life of weapons grade plutonium is?
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  10. ChuckJames

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    So, is your stance that NO preparation is just as good as a LITTLE protection? If not killed by the blast, most of the death is from inhaled fallout, which the mask might prevent. A little protection is better than none, AND nuclear is not the ONLY reason to have a mask. There is still a far greater chance of chemical or biological attacks than nuclear, and in those cases, the mask could just save your life. I have 4, with spare filters, for my wife and me. Two in the home, and two in the car.
  11. kaljr82

    kaljr82 New Member

    Wow, I have never put any realy thought into this until today.

    Sounds kind of alarmist, but then again, it could happen.

    Maybe I should have a SHTF kit in my house.
  12. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    It's just like insurance. Bad things may not happen. But if they do, what could you have done to increase the odds in your favor?
  13. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Well, I have several respirators, including military protective masks- and Level A full body suits, chemical detectors, radiation meters- but teach HAZWOPER classes now and again, and use all of it.

    My concern is not the half life of plutonium, but the half life of dirt that gets irradiated- better known as fallout. And yes, I know how to do dose and dose/rate calculations. 2 operating nuke power plants over thataway. One large primary nuke TARGET thataway, and 2 secondaries over there.

    BTW, folks, there is NO filter that MAKES oxygen (wear a filtering mask into an oxygen depleted atmosphere and you WILL die) and there is NO one filter than gets everything. If you think the old man is funning you, put on a military protective mask, clear and seal it, and then crack an ammonia inhalant near the intake. Military protective masks are rated for radioactive dusts, infectous diseases at spore size level, and standard chemical munitions at differing filter life rates. Do some studying.
  14. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    I don't expect a gas mask to even remotely protect me in a nuclear event. However, I do expect some protection from most plausible chemical or biological events and that's why I have them.
  15. TrueNorth

    TrueNorth New Member

    Well, the gas mask is an interesting idea. Probably not bad to have around but like everything know how to use it and keep the filters in good condition. I personally don't think that most people would know that they need to put a mask on until it's too late. In WW1/2 people in Europe were trained to listen for sirens, detect chemicals, or just wear their gas masks during every air-raid as a precaution because by the time one realizes there is poison around - it's too late.

    I personally don't live in an area with much chemical threat from industry or other, so I don't have any masks. As for radiation - well I know how to deal with fallout without specialized gear (SAS survival manual is a good start to find out fyi) but the mask is minor in that case.

    I would say that if you're in an area with a real chemical threat go for it, but otherwise use the money on a more basic and more certainly useful gear. Remember the ol 80-20 rule. 80% of problems can be solved with 20% of basic gear - so get the basic 20% before getting the specialized stuff.
  16. Bigcountry02

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    If you have the MCU-2/P version from what the Air Force uses. Need to check for:

    Examples of defects included excessive dirt, stained eye lenses, separation of silicone rubber from metal parts (disbonding), and inoperable drinking tubes. Examples of unserviceable conditions included disbonding,
    excessively stained eye lens, and leak test failures.
  17. FT360

    FT360 New Member

    I have a US M40a1 for my personal use.
    and the full suit, except I don't have a pair of pants yet.

    And I bought a guy out who had a ton of gasmasks and filters. I just haven’t gotten around to selling them yet.
    So I have about 200 pounds of NBC gear sitting around in boxes.
  18. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    You know I never gave it much thought but in reality with my proximity to a chemical weapons depot here in Ky. (about 30 miles north of me) it might be something to look into. They are in the process of clearing out a lot of stuff there but no one knows what will stay behind.THe place has been there for many years and has all of the nifty stuff they have been using or had to be able to use since mustard gas was the big dog in the show. So really I have no reason to believe that they will empty it any time soon if at all.:(