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I'm having trouble uploading to PhotoBucket again so I'll just send a link. I carry my Taurus 9 in a Fobus paddle holster (paddle is inside the pants with the holster on the outside). It is quick release and very comfortable for me. I also have one for my Rock Island compact .45.

I've been carrying my Ruger LCP, my favorite for concealed, in a pocket but just picked up a really trick Recluse OS Solo holster. I stopped by Tod's shop near Gig Harbor, WA where they are made and picked it up this morning. The pistol fits into the one sided holster and is secured by molded trigger guard. I can carry it in my work jacket inside pocket, or other, back jeans or side pocket. The holster keeps the pistol in the grip upright position instead of it moving around in the pocket without one.

When you reach in the pocket the hand slips around the grip and it separates from the holster, with the holster staying in the pocket. It looks like a wallet in the rear jeans pocket.

It is really nicely made piece of kit and will not go everywhere with me.

Recluse has a pretty nice lineup of other types of holsters for a wide range of pistols.
321 - 340 of 366 Posts