Show off your guns in south cack!

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    South Carolina.

    Not sure of the origin, but some folks substitute Cackalacky for Carolina. Applies to both North and South Cackalacky.
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    Reposted pic

    Just wanted to repost another pic (actually a better pic) of a few of my collection. Remember all of these have been purchsed within 8 months.
    1. S&W. SD9VE 9mms
    2. S&W M&P Shield 9mms
    3. S&W M&P 22cal. Full size
    4. Mossberg maverick 88 Security 12gauge.
    5. Mossberg Plinkster Tac ed. (Not pictured, at Mossberg, don't ask)
    6. Ruger AR556 ar15
    7. Ruger 10-22 Archangel AA556R conversion 22 cal.
    A few other hand me downs at the lake not pictured.

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