Shoulder Holsters & SOB Questions

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  1. WannaGator

    WannaGator New Member

    Any of Ya carry in a sholder holster?

    Y'all remeber the Movie "Last Man Standing"( with Bruce Willis) & Sonny Crockets's twin 1911 shoulder harnesses?

    I will soon own a Glock 29 10MM would this be a good gun to carry SOB?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Shoulder holsters are great for concealed carry...if you are wearing a jacket all the time, I only wear one in the winter and I am not a sport jacket or suit wearing type guy. They do look sharp though, especially if you do a twin carry cross drawl! ;)

    A SOB holster is great if you never sit down, drive or fall flat on your back! Smaller the carry gun, the more tolerable it is. There are reported cases of spinal damage and paralysis resulting from others who SOB carried.

    That said, a lot of people do indeed carry SOB, IWB and OWB, especially those with a "belly" issue. Adaption of a carry holster and style is what is comfortable and functionable for you, and may not be so for someone else.

    Good luck in your decision! :)


  3. Pat-inCO

    Pat-inCO New Member

    Shoulder holsters take some getting used-to. The overall comfort is not bad, but not as good as OWB, for me. It DOES require learning a new draw stroke so you do not sweep you arm as you draw (you - will - sweep everyone on your off-side).

    The SOB is cussed by many in that a fall on your back could produce some frightful injuries to your back. It also requires a unique draw stroke to keep from sweeping your torso as you draw. That is my main objection to them. If you get one that is grip up, most of the problem from the draw stroke goes away.

    Of those two, presuming you wear a coat most of the time, I would go for the shoulder holster. :)
  4. Dzscubie

    Dzscubie New Member

    I use both the SOB and the shoulder holster. As a matter of fact I have the exact holster that Sonny Crocket wore in Miami vice.

    My SOB is a butt up type that I use in a kidney carry rather than an actual small of the back. It sits right over my right back pocket and if I’m asked by a BG to get my wallet it is a natural move and rather than my money they get a surprise. It is very comfortable to sit in both a vehicle and a chair this way also. I carry a Smith & Wesson 4516 this way and love it.

    My shoulder holster is alright but I’m still not comfortable wearing it and I’ve had it for 15 years, but that is just me I’m sure.
  5. freefall

    freefall New Member

    I use a shoulder holster sometimes. I like it because it helps hold my pants up rather than pulling them down with the weight of gun and reloads. It does require a jacket or vest but most set-ups do. Big advantage I see is if you have to use a public crapper. No worries about what to do with your gun.
  6. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I use a Bianchi AgentX shoulder rig same. Clothing permitting.
  7. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    I do not limit myself to one way of carry. I have shoulder, SOB, IWB, and ankles. Depends on where I going and what I plan on doing. A dinner jacket looks a little out of place at the beach.
  8. Browningauto

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    During late fall through early spring I'll use an Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster because it works really well with any kind of jacket. It does take a little getting use to vs an inside the pants holster that is normally used the rest of the time. The big advantage is carrying the gun where you can actually get to it while driving in Ohio. Use to carry a Taurus PT940, but now use a Glock 23. Both seem to workout fine.
  9. Mark F

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  10. Phelenwolf

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    I tried using a SOB holster from Galco and in the begaining I liked it but it does take some getting used to. Especially if you tried to sit or drive for long periods of time.

    As for a shoulder holster it is not very practical for me here in Az. It is way to hot to try and a jacket durning the day.

    If you have any type of shoulder problems it is hard to reach behind your back for a quick smooth draw. Which is the reason I went to a strong side holster.