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  1. Chucklz97

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for a shoulder holder for my Glock 22
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    Yep. Galco stuff is basically designed for each handgun. There are others but Galco is very nicely arranged. I just sold an used Galco Jackass rig fitted to 1911 or FN Browning HI Power.
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    As everyone has said on here, Galco is probably the best shoulder holster out there. Not cheap, but then again is any good quality accessory cheap?
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    I went down to a surplus military store and picked up a officers shoulder holster for $15. The retention straps were made to run down and connect to your belt which works fine if you wear all your shirts tucked in. I took the retention straps and ran them across the back and connected them so I can conceal it under a hodie or sweat shirt for duty and cut the holster down to get rid of any access poking out the back. Over the past 6 years I have ran with this, subdued people in it and much more and it's never once gave me a problem. Here is my wife demo with her new sccy. Galaco is the best as mentioned but I'm to cheap for that.

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    Women even need more customized accessories.
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    I've been using a Galco "Miami" for > 30 years, for my Glock 22 and 17. Spend the money and get a Galco. You'll be glad you did.

    I just ordered an extra holster for my basic harness to carry my new Colt Commander.
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    I will also say that the current Miami Classic II would be the way to go (gad the price of it nowdays...) if you can't find a reasonably priced used rig. The nature of the holster with two magazines offsetting the weight of the pistol allows you to throw it on like a vest very quickly and wear it as is.

    I have had mine since 1979 and it is still the only shoulder holster for a mid size pistol that works for me.
    For larger revolvers I liked the X2100, but I think you would need to find a used one...

    These two shoulder holsters are the only ones that I will use after trying quite a few. I have not looked recently, but find most are nylon straps with plastic or ballistic nylon holsters. Life is too short to live with that crap.

    A quality leather holster such as the Galco Miami Classic will be comfortable and last you your lifetime.
    Money well spent initially will also help you avoid the unused box full of holsters that everyone seems to have.