Shoulder Holster for GP100?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by mvharris23, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. mvharris23

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    I own a GP100, and since I applied for my Concealed Carry Permit the other day, i want to buy a shoulder holster for it.

    I own a Ruger LCP which I will carry MUCH more often than the GP100, but on the occasion that I choose to pack my hand-cannon, what brand or style of shoulder holster do you guys recommend ? I know that I will really only be able to use it in the winter when I wear a jacket, but I still want one.

    Thanks for the input-

    -Being a revolver, it obviously does not need to be the kind that can hold extra magazines...
  2. Grayowl

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    My daily carry gun is Para 7-45 LDA in a Bianchi X - 15 shoulder holster, but when I'm in the woods here in North Carolina, I carry a S&W 686 Plus (seven shot) 4" barrel in the same X -15 holster and two speed loaders in a belt carrier carrying 270 gn. jacketed soft point hand loads. I've had the X-15 for 40 years and its had lots of use, but still works fine, except that it squeaks when you move. A little wax helps reduce that. I've thinking of looking into getting a Blackhawk closed cell shoulder holster or a nylon Hunter holster or most likely, a Bianchi Ballistic weave nylon. Make sure it is vertical carry.

  3. tex45acp

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    Have you ever considered carrying inside the waist band (IWB)? I carry my 3" GP-100 that way all the time. I use a holster made by Tucker Gunleather called the Texas Heratige. It is superbly comfortable and I can simply cover it up by using an untucked shirt or tshirt. Here is my gun & holster. This holster is also tuckable, meaning you can tuck your shirt in between the holster and clips. Bloom it out a bit and it disappears.

  4. freefall

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    I have an Original Jackass Leather horizontal carry that I carry my Security Six in. It's extremely comfortable, fairly unobtrusive, turned into Galco. Check it out.