Should you prepare for the worst?

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    To all the younger members (say under 35) or actually everyone. With all the talk about SHTF or financial collapse of the USA(or even the world), you must remember that it is just talk. When I was young I remember there were doom-sayers back then and I thought(wrongly) that something would happen soon(nothing did). Then on 1-1-2000 it was going to happen for sure this time(Y2K) and again nothing happened. I never prepared and I'm still alive. Yes it is true bad things can certainly happen, even catastrophic things. But it is also true nothing bad could happen. No one can really tell you the odds either way. It is very easy to listen to all the arguments and get convinced that SHTF is going to positively happen, if not this week then next week for sure. It may never happen. Don't change your whole life and spend yourself poor planning on something that may never happen. Should you prepare for bad things? Maybe. If you are married you and your spouse should agree on your plan. Maybe your plan is to always keep 5 cans of soup in your cupboard. Good plan. Maybe you decide just to always fill your gas tank before it gets down to 1/2 tank. Fine plan. You are the one to decide what threat might come to happen and prepare with the odds and your checkbook in mind. No one is wrong in what they decide to do as long as they do take a little time to think about it. That said, I am now somewhat of a prepper. I have a bunch of stuff ready,just in case. We are certainly not rich and you can make many preparations without spending much money. That is what I urge the younger members to do if they want to prepare for something that may never happen. There have been a large number of posts on how to prepare and I urge you to read them as they contain a lot of valuable information. The only purpose of this post is to get you to really think for yourself and not be swayed into thinking that you must do this or that. You decide what is best for you and don't let anyone tell you that you are dumb for not doing what they say you should do. Do as much or as little as you (and you spouse) decide.
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    Good thread.

    I recommend reading "Shoestring Survivalism" by Andy James. It's an excellent source of inexpensive or free preparation ideas.

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    Prepping for a specific event is unwise - when it never comes about, you feel goofy and you're disinclined to prep for any other reason.

    Prepping as a lifestyle change for any event, whether it's a lost job, unexpected expense, storm, or whatever is a different animal completely. It ends up saving you money, you eat better, and your butt is better covered for a number of problems big and small.
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    Dead on. I prep for a lot of things.

    My preps have always been considered insurance. I spend thousands of dollars a year for insurance, hoping I will never use it. Went nearly 30 years paying health insurance without using it but just a bit. Raised 3 kids and had a wife for all that time. Hardly ever needed it. Then last year came along. Lung cancer. Leave it at that. Was I glad I had that insurance. So far I’ve paid car insurance for a long time and only used it once, ex had car wreak. $27K worth of wreak. Pay a bunch for Life insurance. Guess what, I’ll never see that…lol

    Point being, I make my decisions based on that something is going to happen at some point in my life and I would like to be as ready as I can for it. Yeah, I went in deep with a lifestyle change, but I also enjoy my life more now that I did before. I’m more independent and don’t rely so much on the “System” as I use to. But that’s just me.

    If you look at your preps as insurance, it might make expenditures easier.

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    Guess I can fill in that bomb shelter now!! :rolleyes:

    General disaster prep is prudent, however!
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    If you can I would like you to ship the hole to me. I would like one for nothing else to use as a tornado hidey-hole. Don't waste the shelter, please!
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    If you don’t, at least hope for the best. I tend to prepare for the worst
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    I would feel pretty stupid if the zombies showed up and I didn't have a machine gun. Your not prepared for anything without a machine gun. I need a machine gun. I also need a suppressor for said machine gun.
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    Don't forget lots of ammo for said machine gun. Lot and lots of ammo.

    The poster makes a great point. A lot of people could get into trouble always planning for the worst, especially kids. There's not much need in getting a college degree if everything is going to collapse? At the same time a lot of people get into trouble always planning for the best. There's not much need in going to work if your going to hit the lottery any day?

    I personally think life is all about putting yourself in a position to where you can take advantage of opportunities when they come along, and they do come along. If everything did collapse, you were hungry, and a deer walked out you would need a gun to take advantage of that opportunity. If the economy turns around and the stock market takes off you will need to have some cash on hand to take advantage of that opportunity.

    Bad things will always happen and sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. But good things will always happen as well and you need to be prepared to take advantage of those good things when they do happen.
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    hiwall.....thumbs up....great thread and adds balance and wisdom.

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    To all the younger members on here - please don't think I am saying us older folks are in any way smarter than the younger folks. It is only that history always repeats itself(because people never change) and when some of us are older than dirt we see the same stuff happen again. Plus we have already made our many many mistakes and I only want to maybe save you from making the same mistakes that I or others have made. You are already showing your smarts by being on forums like this one to expand your knowledge.
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    To all the young men and women out there you made a mistake buying tose guns so just send them to me and I find a good home for them.;)

    We have tryed to prep for the winter in the past. More having exra food and firewood on hand and so far it seems to work out for us o.k. when we have a bad snowstorm we sit back and watch the people on tv trying to make their way through the lines at the store and laugh at them.
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    Portable and removable if ever needed . Not a lot of space but I think a person could make a decent shelter out of a 3000- 5000 plastic coned nose tank buried in the ground for a reasonable cost . Add a few vents and a door and u got something


    Lay this thing on its side and make a door in the top of the cone area
    5000 gal is a little over $3000 pictured are 2000 gal tanks

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