Should I Specialize?

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    Well, I have this website that I made. My thinking when creating this site was this: Sometimes I would dump a gun on GB just to get rid of it knowing that I probably wouldn't make any money. It occurred to me that other FFLs were doing the same thing and that that is what drives the prices down on GB. I figured that if we all had a private place to "dump" our unwanted inventory then the prices at GB could stay at retail where they belong. My site is still new and I'm hoping that it will start to attract more and more people. Maybe I should steer this site towards rare firearms? Stay on the course that I'm on? Sell soap instead? Any input is welcome.
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    Recognition is key.
    Bing (or google) broken, needing repair or project firearms. Zip, nada, nothing except for new stuff.

    There are plenty of exotic firearm auction sites, but if I am looking for a restoration project, I am SOL.

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    I, personally, like the original premise of your site. I'm a member of it, by the way and have a gun on there. I wouldn't change it. You need to promote it to get more participation from more dealers to make it successful. A lot of dealers probably don't know that it exists which is likely the biggest problem. I wouldn't have known about it unless I was a participant on this site.

    Advsrtisement is one of the biggest concerns we, especially as smaller dealers with overhead issues, have. I'd like to promote my business much more, but even putting an ad in the Yellow Pages isn't exactly inexpensive. I'm now an instructor and want to get individual classes off of the ground. Getting the word out is something I'd like to do but have costs to contend with which is a big reason that sales aren't exactly stellar for me. It's a big quandry for all of us that don't have deep pockets.