should I buy an olympic ar15 plinker

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by AWDeanSr, Jan 8, 2010.

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    I walked into my local gun-store yesterday, went in to buy some .45 acp. Remington Golden Sabers(which they did not have in stock) . I took my 13 year old along with me . He walked over to where the AR's were and asked for me to come over to look at a rifle. It is an Olympic arms 223/5.56 Plinker 16" with a heavy barrel 1x9 twist ratio for $625.

    I picked it up, seemed like a fairly decent ar....I placed it on layaway and came home and started looking it up on the internet hoping to find more info on the quality of the Plinker. Needless to say, the reviews I have read were not positve. I had a similar experience while buying the Taurus far the PT is better than advertised.

    The serial number starts with a wz and it has a date of 2009 on the lower. My questions this AR considered a plinker plus? The reason I ask is some have forged receivers and others are cast. Would you trust this model to be just a range gun or is it viable for home defense duties?

    I am on a limited budget and would buy a top shelf AR if I could...I do not plan on using it for a zombie apocalypse or tactical rifle classes. I just want to get a decent affordable AR.

    I was in the army during the early 90's and have experience with M16 A1 and A2's....I know comparing the Plinker to those weapons is like comparing apples to oranges. The Plinker reminded me of my old A1...
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    I'm pretty sure that model has the forged receivers. It's as basic as you can get with an AR, an entry level model. And you're right, a few years back they did make them with the cast receivers, and there were some problems. But Oly learned from that and moved on to the forged receivers in the Plinkers.

    I've got quite a few friends who swear by their Oly AR's, and I've shot a few of their's, too. Looks just like any other AR, operates the same way, fires the same rounds, and with each trigger pull. No, it's not a top-shelf model, but at that price, it wasn't designed to be.

    I think you hit it right on the head. For something that you can use for plinking, some target shooting, and even for HD, that's pretty affordable.

    Another option you have, buy a kit and put an AR together. That way, you get to see how it all fits and works together, you control the quality of assembly, you learn a lot about the gun and hot to fix it, and it's fun. Check out these sites:

    Del-ton AR kits

    Model 1 Sales

    DPMS AR Kit

    All you would need to do is go to your local gun shop and buy a AR Lower Receiver, everything else you need, as far as parts, are in the kit. Just an idea.

    But if you already have money on the Oly, there really isn't anything wrong with that one. Don't worry about the naysayers and brand-jockeys out there. As long as it works when you want it to work, and does what you want it to do, that's all that should matter. Enjoy it and welcome to the disease. ;)



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    I concur with everything Slo stated, I think you will be happy with your choice and it's use. It does sound like a Plinker Plus with what little information you provided and the price is not bad either!

    AR15 Olympic Arms Plinker Plus 5.56

    Let me Re-Welcome you and your son, to the wonderful world and fun of owning a black rife. :D

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    oh yes.

    oly's are pretty good ar's. yes they are forged now.

    1st thing i'ed do with the plinker plus, [its the carbean right ?]

    i'ed putt a government profile 1/7 twist 20 inch'barrel on there, swap out the handguards' and have the best cotton-pickin ''rifle'' known to man.

    the A1 sights are the cats meow, set and forget. what more do you need ?
    the .223 nato' is one flat shooting round out to 300 meters.

    need a scope ? no problem ! :)
    get a A1 carry handle scope mount from tapco' [the new one's]
    they snap in, and are super solid.

    im a huge fan of the oly G.I. rifle' what more could anyone ask for ?

    im just saying all this' cause ,,, looking back' that would be the road i wishes i'ed of taken.
    would have saved a ton of money.

    just KISS.
    [keep it simple stupid] i hold to that. it works.

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    I did not by the oly. I went over to an oly forum and talked to current owners and I also did some research online about Olympic ar's. The overall impression I got from people who have owned them is that they are decent rifles.

    When I went back to the gun store, they had several AR's out on the rack. There was one used colt and several new rifles; an Armalite, a RRA, a Sabre, and the Oly. I Looked them over and decided to go with the Armalite! It was a couple hundred more than the Oly.

    It has been a while since I initially posted this thread and I have almost 1000 rounds through my Armalite with no problems at all
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    ill second dillinger on it. i have an olympic 45 acp upper and its a sweet shooter. took it to the range finally this past weekend first time in a very long while. convinced myself to keep it and maybe buy a dedicated lower for it. if they can build a 45 upper that works as well as any of my 5.56 ARs they can make a standard AR just fine.