Should I buy an AK-47 or an AR-15?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by sputnik1988, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. sputnik1988

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    Hi, I am going to the big gun show in Louisville, KY next month (Feb, 25) and need some help, I have pretty much narrowed the AK to a Norinco MAK-90, for quality reasons (If you know of one better in that price range, let me know). I love the look of a clean AK47 and like the feel, unfortunately, I only have experience with a WASR-10 that was a $350 pile of scrap. I don't want to spend over $600 on the AK. If I get an AR-15, which I also have little experience with, I want a Bushmaster or a S&W M&P-15X. I plan to buy both the AR and AK eventually, provided our lovable liberal administration doesn't start another ban, which should come first?

    This will be a "fun gun" #1 and mainly just a toy, btw, with the AK, I dont understand how 6-8 inch groups @ 100 yrds with crappy open sights is THAT bad, just saying. Sniper rifle it ain't, but that seems adequate to me, second opinions?
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    AR15 first then you wont want one of those cheap ak's made from old sears house siding. at 100yds open sights 2 inches at 100 yards isnt that hard if you got good eyesight and decent trigger control with an ar15.

    AK47 to me is about like a shotgun shooting one pllet at a time. you still end up with a pattern rather than a group just takes longer to get there than if you just used a 12ga in the first place.

    the only thing the ak has over the ar is cheaper ammo if you dont reload. 100 yards is pushing the far limits of the ak. if you reload there is no reason for an ak47.

    ar is more ergonomic easier to use. especially with mag changes.

    AR is easier to repair and the handguards dont burst into flames from sustained fire.

    the following is full auto but the principle is the same.

    [ame=]YouTube - Burning AK47 - 300 Rounds & on Fire[/ame]

    im sure others will have different opinions.

  3. jpattersonnh

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    I always here these story's about Wasr10's. I have never seen one w/ issues. So back to the question, AK or AR. I would go with a Sar2, Wasr2 over the "AK47". 5.45 ammo is still cheap and they are very accurate. It is no bench gun, but it is easy to hit targets at 200 yards. I use mine for Coyotes and woodchucks also. Don't get me wrong, I love my AR, but for the difference in price and the savings in ammo, 5.45x39 makes for a great little platform. Extra Bulgarian mags run between $7 and $12.00 each.

    BTW, Did you know that Norinco is owned by the extreme of the Chinese military that wants to see you dead?? China denies that Norinco and the PLA have any ties, but that has been proven BS many times.
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  4. HKSlinger

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    Hmmm, dude didn't seem surprised when it caught fire. :confused:
  5. JonM

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    they were doing it on purpose. that idiot is damn lucky the rounds didnt start cooking off in the mag. seen that happen in real life at a foriegn weapons demo.
  6. M14sRock

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    You actually love the look and feel of an AK? Hmm...

    AK's are reliable. But AR's are reliable, and for riflemen.

    The AK was designed to be monkey proof, mostly because it is given away by the millions to untrained conscripts who will never use the sights.

    AR's are excellent, ergonomic carbines, suitable for 600 yard shots with no problem.

    And don't get me wrong, I have almost as many AK's as I do AR's, and I like them for what they are. But my favorite of the AK family is the Saiga.
  7. Shihan

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    What is wrong with a WASR-10? I have never had a problem with my pile of scrap. It has ate everything I put through it. I still haven't cleaned it. I wouldn't spend $600 on an AK. Especially when you can get a nice AR for just a little more.
  8. sputnik1988

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    From what I have read, apparently bad WASR's are fewer than in years passed. The one I have experience with had the worst trigger I've ever seen on anything, if you didnt pull the trigger hard to the left, it wouldn't fire the round (does anyone else's wood furniture smell terrible?) Made my weary of WASR's and Century all together, I had never even heard of either prior to this occurrence. Just don't trust 'em, first impressions mean a lot, glad I didnt pay for it.
  9. jpattersonnh

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    OK, to dispel more AK myths. Every rifle needs to have 10 or less foreign made parts. The trigger group is one of the top parts.
    Here is a list of parts that can be "compliance" Parts:
    (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings *
    (2) Barrels *
    (3) Barrel extensions
    (4) Mounting blocks (trunions) *
    (5) Muzzle attachments *
    (6) Bolts *
    (7) Bolt carriers *
    (8) Operating rods
    (9) Gas pistons *
    (10) Trigger housings
    (11) Triggers *
    (12) Hammers *
    (13) Sears
    (14) Disconnectors *
    (15) Buttstocks *
    (16) Pistol grips *
    (17) Forearms, handguards *
    (18) Magazine bodies *
    (19) Followers *
    (20) Floorplates *

    Here are the parts that most owners use to achieve 922R compliance:
    - Trigger
    - Hammer
    - Disconnector
    - Buttstock
    - Pistol grip
    - Handguard (upper and lower handguards on an AK only count as 1 compliance part)
    - Gas piston
    - Magazine parts (Note: body, follower and floorplate each count as 1 compliance part).

    In most "new" AK's new mag parts are not necessary.
    The Tapco G2 single hook is used on almost all Wasr10's I've seen. It is an excellent trigger. They are used on all other Romanian AK's. The trigger group is 3 parts.

    Although my Wasr2 is very accurate, it is by no means as accurate as my Bushmaster DCM. It was 1/4 the price though. I stocked up on ammo when it was $108.00 a tin(1080) shipped. I'm still sitting on just under 4000 rounds of Bulgarian Wasp and Russian 7N6.

    I am amazed at the price AK's are going for now, for a couple hundred more you can get a decent AR.
  10. RMTactical

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    Both are great. You almost have to try them for yourself to know which you will prefer. I don't mean just shoot both at the range. I mean you should own both.

    I started with an AK, but don't currently own any. I'm an AR15 fanatic.
  11. Black Talon

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    [ame=]Is that right?[/ame]
  12. sputnik1988

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    OK, after days of deliberation and endless lines of suggestions, I think a will go with the... AR-15, my cousin an uncle, both United States Marines had good points, "If you want to shoot at stuff, get the AK, but if you want to shoot at SOMETHING, get the AR." My cousin also said "AK-47, for when you absolutely have to kill everyone in the room... I have no need for that, do you?" LOL, anyway, the AK is still on my gotta have list, just moved it to the back burner for now. Thanks a lot guys, you were a major help. Now if only I could decide between another 1911, an HK USP .45 or a Beretta 92F, thanks again.
  13. v757b

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    • Better ergonomics
    • More accurate
    • Ammo slightly more expensive
    • Less reliable
    • Very versatile

    • Extremely reliable
    • Cheaper ammo

    I know there are some more aspects that the AK-47 is better in. It aint really fair to compare the AR-15 (5.56x45) to the AK-47 (7.62x39). The caliber that they shoot aint really comparable. You may want to consider an AK-74. They shoot 5.45x39 and are better in accuracy than the 7.62x39.

    AK-74 compared with AK-47
    • Better accuracy
    • Lighter weight
    • Faster rate of fire
    • Greater muzzle velocity
    • Even cheaper ammo
    • Only cost slightly more than the 47

    I hope this helps!
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  14. Laufer

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    Interesting comparison.

    A guy- "Sturmgewehr" - who posts nice Youtube videos also described problems with his first Tantal AK-74 clone, from where else (?) but Century.
    The story is at either 'THR' or 'Thefiringline'.

    After seeing numerous rounds 'keyhole' at 100 yards or less, he called Century and they acknowledged their awareness that many barrels were produced with bores which are too large.

    Claims made by him and others are that Century's customer warranty Begins when the gun is shipped from the Factory. It began months before you buy it in a store, in many cases.

    He was very fortunate in that Century paid for a replacement barrel, with the proper bore size. They did not do this for other customers.
    The many dozens of problems with Century 'products' steered me away from any semi-autos with their name.
    Good luck to you guys/gals.
  15. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    This does not surprise me in the least. Century is famous for turning out some very questionable products (but some very good ones, as well).
  16. hawkchucker

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    Here it is in a nutshell for you. In my mos I was lucky enought to have used both . I actually like both, not equal, but that is because I can run my AR better. However I can see how somepoeple can go for the ak over the ar. There are myths to both that you need to look at. 1. Ar is unreliable. Nonsence. My M&P optics ready was fired right out of the box without any further lube or cleaning . 500 rounds of nasty wolf ammo was used with no glich. 2. AK is innacurate. nonsence. My old Norinco shoots 2 inches all day off of bags with iron junk sites. I have no problem with anything in the accuracy dept on them.

    So My advice.
    Jump off the coolaid bandwagon and just get what YOU feel comfortable with. If YOU like it run it. Your uncles and everyone here is not buying it for you so get what YOU want.
  17. Durangokid

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    I have 2 pre-ban AKs and 2 pre-ban Colt AR15s. The AR15s are by far my favorites. The short stocked AKs are good for close in urban warfare which I try to avoid. The AR15 is a good long range useful, tough little rifle.