should I buy a s&w model 10-8

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by gadrooning, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Well i need some input. I have an opportunity to buy a model 10-8 service revolver for $300. The revolver itself seems to be in good working order with two exceptions. The cylinder release seems a little sticky and there is heavy holster wear on the barrel end, cylinder, and trigger guard. In most cases I wouldn't consider it, but man oh man does this thing feels nice in the hand and pleasant to shoot. There is something to be said about a revolver chambered just for a .38. What to do???? Is this thing worth $300...

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    I LOVE .38 chambered revolvers, They are funn too shoot. If you have a .357 half the time your shooting .38's out of it anyway. It's so much cheaper ammo. Yes the knock down power is not the same,but a deal is a deal in this down turn economy...

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    Seems a little steep to me.
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    The model 10 should go into the history books as the Peacemaker of the 20th Century. Before the fascination with large cap semi's, it was found in more police holsters than anything else. Good ergonomics for most folks, accurate, and reliable as all get out.

    The price is a bit on the steep side for most areas- for that price, would expect something in the Excellent grade. Ref: cylinder release- make sure ejector rod is not coming unscrewed (they get longer when thread is backed off a turn). may need drop of oil on ejector rod. You should be able to hold in right hand, press latch with thumb, and with left hand under gun, palm up, use fingers of left hand to push cylinder out- leaving thumb in position to push the ejector. Never slam or flip the cylinder open or closed. There were about a million of the Model 10s that were police dept trade ins.
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    Give it a good cleaning ! If it remedys the problem then you have a good gun. You could always re-blue it too that's not a problem. Just make sure there's no rust and the barrel is not pitted. New the model 10 goes for $650.00 these days. It's a good price so long there is nothing wrong with it functionally and no rust or pits. If you do the blueing yourself Birchwood & Caseys Super Blue is one of the best blueings you can get. It's easy to use, comes up nice, it's thorough, buffs out to a nice shiney blue that's deep. It's a wonder in a bottle for $8.50 ! Try to get another $50.00 knocked off too it can't hurt ! Good Luck !
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    Thanks for you reply guys. Much appreciated. I just saw my local gunsmith today and he blue booked it a from 120-140 in it's current state. Needless to say I will not be purchasing the model 10. sigh.........:(