Should i buy a reloader?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Georgiahunter, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Georgiahunter

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    How much would buying one and all of the parts needed cost and is it worth the money?
  2. Jake15

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    It is a large initial investment, but it pays off quickly. I got a single stage press kit from Lee for about 100 bucks plus shipping, mine came with most everything you'll need to need to start reloading, that and probably another 100 bucks for what's left out of the kit and supplies and a good sturdy bench and you'll be set. What type of ammo are you planning on reloading?

  3. c3shooter

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    For those that have heard this before, please excuse..........

    If you are new to reloading, first thing to get is a copy of ABCs of Reloading- and read it before you buy anything. So you will have a feel for what the stuff is you're buying.

    Getting started, one of the basic Lee sets is not bad, unless you are planning to reload for the entire 10th Mountain Division. Presses and dies rarely wear out, and you can score some bargains on ebay for common calibers.

    Depends on what you want to reload- precision 6mm rifle for benchrest will need more "stuff" than reloading .38 Special wadcutters.
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    Many start reloading to "save money" and stay reloading because of

    quality control, and having a hand in exactly what you shoot,

    from the projectile to the primer.

    Lee, Lyman, Speer, and Hornady also offer good reloading manuals, but I

    have to agree with C3's choice as a great first manual.

    Worth it? Oh yeah.
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    I have been reloading off and on for years. And it is a good point that you can save money by doing so and work up loads to improve accuracy. The second reason that I have added dies and items to my reloading equipment, is that the liberals and ant-gun politicians could be thinking about taxing ammunition in my opinion to control weapons since they have had difficulty mounting an all out attack on the weapons as of late. I know the recent high increased of ammunition prices is supposed to be caused by material demands and resources. At the present more and more states recently have won on Bills to Carry (CCW). But that has no bearing on ammunition or that the trend will continue. I am sure they have something up their sleeves! But just as a preventive measure I am planning ahead and stocking up so I can always continue to reload and shoot the weapons I love to shoot. And to take care of the "Zombies" that might come around!:D So in this case a re-loader set and items would be a good thing to have. An RCBS is not all that expensive and they are one of the good ones. There are others that the group here on the FTF could share info for you about!

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  7. Rex in OTZ

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    shooting odd A$@ metric stuff

    7.5mm anything (French or Swiss)
    the Austrian straight pull
    Argintine 7.65,
    11mm Mauser,
    7mm nambu
    7.35 Carcano or the 6.5 Carcano,
    6.5 sweede,
    8mm Label
    455 snyder
    one can find the brass and primers, best to roll your own or buy domestic.