Should guns be locked up at all times?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by MarkoPo, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. MarkoPo

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    I am having a discussion/debate with the mother-in-law about gun safety. I told her I was going to be getting a pistol for CCW and home protection. She thinks I need to have a trigger lock on the gun at all times or have it locked in a safe. She is rightfully concerned because I have a 14 year old son and an 8 month old daughter. I told her if a gun is locked up so well even the owner can't get to it in a timely manner, it is virtually worthless. The last thing I want to being doing in the middle of the night is searching for a trigger lock key or trying to open a safe in the dark. I do think guns should be locked up safe when no one is home to prevent them from being stolen. She thinks most break in's occur when the people are not home and they will just steal my guns and that will be more guns in criminal hands on the street. I, on the other hand told her that was a chance I was not willing to take and think a gun should be easily accessible to the owner if needed. I would not leave a loaded firearm within reach of a toddler, but if I am home I don't think it needs to be locked up either. I also feel education is the biggest key to safety. Teach a child if they see a gun leave it alone and tell an adult. What do you guys/gals do with your guns for storage? What is your opinion on trigger locks? Thanks for the input. Mark
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    On the right track with gunproofing your son, not much you can do proactively with the youngest yet. I have the same challenge with readiness vs toddler access. I would advise no trigger locks; the press combo vaults or even better the biometric versions are a good compromise. Leaving it out where a child can access it is a non starter.
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  3. Righteous

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    you can buy handguns safes for under 100 bucks that work off touch , you lay your hand and fingers in the pre molded groves and push the buttons and the door pops open. For kids not used to guns and real young ones like yours ......yea ....lock it up somehow
  4. pioneer461

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    Agreed on the quick-opening safes. Trigger lock makers recommend you not use them on loaded guns, and in fact Sarah Brady was trying to demonstrate one once, and she couldn't get it unlocked. They are usefull for long term storage of unloaded guns, but worthless for home defense. Go with the quick combo safes.
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    It is your house.

    I would decide what I wanted to do with MY gun in MY house, and then just do it. Be polite to the mother in law, but your family is your responsibility, and this is your decision, not hers.
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    im with Flint-lock sorry im do your thing-al do mine..LOL
    ands thats all i have to say about that,,,jenny...:D
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    Flint, you are right on! That said, no the gun should not ALWAYS be locked up. As long as you have direct control over it (in your hand or in a holster or otherwise on your person) it should be loaded and ready to go. I agree with the "instant" safes otherwise. With practice, they are fast and keep the little ones away from the gun.

    And, MarkoPolo education is the absolute best way of safeguarding the kids. My sons are 25 and 22 my daughter 18. Never had any problems with them and guns. My sons hunt and shoot with me. My daughter isn't interested but knows safety. Make a gun total taboo and the kid will find a tragic way to get them.
  8. Shooter

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    x2 on the bedside safe. They have a fast open keypad with a spring loaded door for ultra quick access. I've seen them at Cabela's on sale for $75 recently.
  9. bkt

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    Here's another plug for a biometric pistol safe. Some of the better ones will read several prints, so make sure you and your wife can open it with either hand.

    Practice opening it in the dark and you should be fine.

    I also have a 14 year old son. Years ago, he was told that any time he wanted to see and handle one of the guns, he only has to ask me and I'll let him. Today, there is no mystery or allure about firearms. Try to make firearms just another fixture of the house, and they'll draw little attention.

    With a small kid in the house, lock up the guns when you're not carrying them.
  10. matt g

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    My dad never used a gun safe. My brother and I are both still alive. We were taught to respect other people stuff and firearms safety from a very early age. We knew that guns were dangerous and how to use them correctly from age 5 or 6.
  11. pioneer461

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    Too bad all parents aren't as smart as your dad.
  12. deadin

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    If you've got kids, don't try to "hide" it. They'll find it.:D
    Education is the right way to go, but a 12 to 14 year old can find it really hard not to "show off" for his buddies.
    Either keep it in hand, in sight or lock it up.
  13. cpttango30

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    Having loaded firearms around with small children in the house is just asking for something bad to happen.

    If you must has a handgun out of the main safe get the mini safe with operates on pushing buttons with your fingers. Get a cheap table and mount it to the bottom or on the top. that way it can not be stolen to be opened later.
  14. Dgunsmith

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    Secure but accessable

    something secure with quick access is ideal.

    Loaded and ready to go ! Flashlight nearby and a cell phone a plus !

    You do want to keep firearms from children and thieves but readily accessable should a criminal try entry !

    I do not fear a fire in my house.....but ALL My Fire extinguishers..ARE LOADED