should buy this scope, help guys!

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    i own a couple leupold scopes and to be honest have never had a problem with either of them. But, i am looking at buying a remington 700 270wsm and find myself wondering if i am missing out on something by never even looking through a swarovski. looking for a little help from some people who have used both. I have no problem spending 1500 on a swarovski if its worth it but dont want to get it home and say "damn, i could of had the same scope for 700 in a leupold". I have been saving for a great setup for a while and have about 2000-2500 to spend and i just want something that i wont say "I wish i had bought xxxxx". i know i wouldnt be disappointed with a leupold but will I be EXTATIC with a swarovski?
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    the swarovski and the upper end leupold's all have the same 98% light gathering capablitys

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    Take a look at Burris as well..very bright..better light transmission than Leupold. Call crazy john at proload distributors for scope prices...208-772-2339 or