Shotshell slugs help

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    Hey guys, ive casted many slugs for shotshell reloading and i always see these rounds called strung buck. Two large pellets strung together. I want to try and load two .68 caliber slugs strung together with high tensile wire. Total load weight is 1 1/4 oz and 1 1/2 oz loads. Would it be safe to fire these with the appropriate load data powder charge
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    I know there are commercial versions of this. Novelty, not much use. note that when striking an object in flight, the whole assembly is subject to direction change.

    From Wikipedia- under Bolo Shotshell:

    Bolo rounds are made of two or more slugs molded onto steel wire. When fired, the slugs separate, pulling the wire taut creating a flying blade, which could theoretically decapitate people and animals or amputate limbs. However, many active shotgun users consider this to be overstated, and view bolo shells as being less effective than conventional ammunition. Bolo shell rounds are banned in many locations (including the US states of Florida[22] and Illinois[23]) due to concerns about their potential lethality. The round is named in reference to bolas, which use two or more weighted balls on a rope to trap cattle or game.