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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by NBAstarRS, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. NBAstarRS

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    trying to find a nice and affordable Shot Shell Reloader, Ive seen the Lee Load All-II any one have any say about thos? or have any ideas on any other reloaders would be great.. thanks
  2. spittinfire

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    I've got a Lee Load All for my 16 gauge and while it is a bare bones system, it does work very well. I've loaded thousands of rounds thru mine with no problems at all. If you're just getting started I'd recommend it. Check out ebay too, you can find a good used Mec 600 or 650 on there.

  3. DMC

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    LEE's Load-All is fine for fairly low-volume reloading. I too have one for 16 Gauge. With that said, I'd recommend getting a MEC. 600jr, Sizemasters and 650s all are fairly common and inexpensive. I have bought several from CRAIGSLIST in the past year. (I don't need them, I just can't resist a good price on a MEC). If I ever find one for 16, the Load-All will get retired. MECs last forever - almost. I still occasionally use my first one, a Super 250, that I bought new in 1959.