Shotguns vs. Pistols: Home Defense

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Steven_Mont, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Steven_Mont

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    You're in bed, falling asleep, when you're suddenly awoken by a loud crash downstairs. Your home is being invaded, you have to stop it, since police response times range anywhere from five to thirty minutes, more than enough time in which to die. My question is: Which is better for home defense, a shotgun (Remington 870, for example), or a pistol (Colt M1911)? I'm just learning about firearms, but it seems to me that a shotgun would have more stopping power to a soft object like a man, and less penetration of hard objects like walls, making it more lethal to the target and less likely to accidentally kill your neighbors. Also, in terms of personal opinion, I think shotguns are far more intimidating, don't you?
  2. kfox75

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    In the situation above, I would want the shotgun as my primary weapon. I would also wan't my wife covering my six with the pistol JIC there were more than I had ammo for. There was a study a few years ago in which several inmates were asked which would scare them off faster. Man or woman? Rifle, shotgun, or pistol? 93% said if they saw a man or woman with a shotgun, they would haul a$$ out of the place and not come back. In a broad daylight situation, you can't beat the pistol on your hip, but if I lived in an area where I needed a pistol on me during the day, I would start looking for a new place to live. Just my opinion.

  3. nastyogre

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    My preference is a shotgun. I came to this conclusion after thinking about those same issues (overpenitration, stopping power, intimidation factor). It's different depending on each individuals situation. For me, I'm in an apartment so I use bird shot so as to not blow thru three walls and kill fourteen people if I miss the bad guy. Also the shot pattern is a bit bigger than buckshot. Nothing wrong with my glock but I don't know a man that sticks around to see if that really was a 12ga or not that he just heard. :)
  4. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    IMO, i have many pistols and a few shotguns, but i will say this in bed, getting woke up to someone in the house, i would more than likely go for the pump shotgun next to the bed over the pistol next to the bed. now if wide awake and were an option, tuck a pistol in the back pocket and grab a shotgun too.
  5. DrumJunkie

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    In the house I"m more prone to want a shotgun but if the dog is going off out in the yard I pick up a pistol most of the time. Although I question the lack of penetration of 00 buck and a normal house wall. And that's what usually is in my 12 ga. sitting next to the bed.
  6. Virginian

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    If they continue after hearing my dogs they are going to run into a .44 Special Glaser Safety Slug or .357 SJHP. I keep my shotguns in the safe and do not expect anything really, because I live out in the country and someone is always shooting in their backyard around here. Our neighborhood watch is armed. I picked up a rental car last time I had to take a trip and was loading stuff and my neighbor came walking up the driveway with a handgun because he didn't recognize the car. He apologized and I told him certainly no apology needed, I appreciate him checking, and always please do bring a gun.
    Only a couple of times in my life have I ever lived where I had a serious concern about a break in. When I had a dog, I got my Wingmaster duck gun set up before I went to bed. When I didn't have a dog, I slept with a pistol.
  7. JonM

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    I would prefer a shotgun for home defense but my wife just cant shoot one effectively. She has no problems with an ar15 so her m4 type carbine is whats in the bedroom we also have a springfield xdm for each of us.

    While a shotgun is ideal i dont want a gun handy that she may have to use she doesnt understand.
  8. Firearms4ever

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    I would choose a handgun, but the main reasons is, because my house has very narrow halls/small rooms and being 6'4"/large build a handgun is easier to use in my home. If I had a larger or more easily manuvearable house I would go with a shotgun.
  9. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    with 1o ft between the end of my bed and bedroom doors and 19 ft between my bedroom door and the nearest entry door I would want my shotgun , in closer quarters I would want to be armed with no smaller than a high capacity 9mm with a good quality HD rounds
  10. Steven_Mont

    Steven_Mont New Member

    Thanks for the replies, people. Also, JonM, your gun control quote made me grin.
  11. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    I don`t know, just what ever I grab first...................
  12. ACRhino

    ACRhino New Member

    A pistol is the tool you use to get to your long gun.
  13. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    8+1 shotty and my .45 on my hip. Should look great with me in my tighty whities!! :D
  14. JeffC

    JeffC New Member

    Remington 887 tactical with flashlight mounted helps me sleep soundly.
  15. Jkl-28

    Jkl-28 New Member

    Well my 1911 is the closest (right next to my bed) but I do agree that a shotgun would be more effective.