shotguns n' 22's on the skool bus... :)

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    hey ? ya'll remember when ?

    back in the late 60's or therabouts ... :)

    us boys used to haul our shotguns, or 22's on the skool bus, and after school, we'ed all go duck hunting or squirrel hunting, with our 22's or iether one.

    heck ? some of our teachers would go with us.. we had a blast, [ha]

    i ran a trapline as a kid, and hauled an old marlin 22 pump, to school everday, bus would drop me off in malloy bottoms, i'ed run my traps up the crick, and then cutt across ferguson's south pastures, to gets home, b4 dark, n' gits chores done.

    i bought my 1st cow with my trapping moneys, actually it was two heifers, if's i remember corectly...

    ya i thinks so, been long ago, bred em to my pop's bull.

    anyhoo.. was walkin down memerory lane. how i miss those days.

    the old coal stove, the outhouse, and sunday dinners after church, and taking yer weekly bath in the horse trough. [cold!!!!]

    waking up in the mornings, all us boys upstairs, and beating off the frost on yer blanketts.. racing down stairs to gets some breakfast grandma n' mom cookings...

    we did haves runnings water in the house, a hand pump in the kitchen.
    we gots our first bathroom in 1978 ? i thinks ? i just got outs the navy,

    ha.. oh, well at leasts i started with nothings, and kept most of