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    Hy all, because is my first post.
    I search on the internet information about shotgun silencer construction but what I find was very poor in technical detail and what I find interesting for my future project was shotgun silencer made by Red Jacket in Sons of guns TV series
    I have one barrel 12 gauge shotgun and I can`t make holes in gun barrel,what I need from you is some help for a homemade shotgun silencer
    I will be grateful if you help me with some technical information and some drawings if you have .
    I want to make something like in attachment but I don`t know hole diameters total length and inner volume request.
    Thank you for attention

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  2. SSGN_Doc

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    First of all you would need to check the legality of what you are planning to build with your local laws. Here in The US a person must be licensed as a manufacturer, have paid certain taxes and do e a fair bit of paperwork before doing such a project. Also individual state laws can dictate whether suppresses are legal within that state.

    If you live outside the US we would need to know what laws you must comply with. If you live in the US then we would need to know what state you live in and if you have already done all the other prerequisites to continue with your project before we gave you advice that may be illegal.

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    Forget it your more likely to blow the barrel if you get it wrong. In UK we are able to buy fully moderated shotguns off the shelf. My advice if they are legal in your location buy one.

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    Bun venit la forumul nostru! Ladies and gentlemen, our newest visitor is from Romania- laws are different there.

    Here in the US a suppressed shotgun is rather rare. There are many laws that regulate and tax suppressors.

    Unfortunately I do not have drawings or dimensions that will work for you- but would offer some advice-

    I do not know the depth of experience you have in metal working. A project like this is not undertaken with a file and a screwdriver- this would typically be machine shop work with a lathe and a milling machine. IF a suppressor is not perfectly aligned with the bore when the gun is fired, the suppressor will be blown from the gun with great force, and is likely to damage the gun and the shooter.

    IF there is a commercial source of shotgun suppressors where you are located, I would follow up with them. Import/export laws make shipping a suppressor (or parts for one) a legal nightmare.
  5. otonel

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    Thanks for your reply and concern!
    I search silencer to buy on the internet and I find something in France but is not easy for me to buy something like this, so I will try with my friend which have a lathe to build a silencer (experimental) and I will trying it using half of normal reloading powder in shotshell.
    I know how dangerous is a barrel explosion but the temptation to DIY one is great and is cheap for me to build .
    I find some patents where is shotgun silencer schematics and what I don`t have is dimensions, anyway the silencer inner tube will be large than barrel and choke diameter so with a strong fastening and good alignment I think will be any danger to shot with that.
    Next week I hope to ask you about reloading subsonic shotshell with a healthy finger and hand.
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    You interest me. I hope you stick around. Good luck.
  7. otonel

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    I made silencer and tested the shotgun shooting 5 shells, 3 with 1,5 grams (23 grains) of smokeless simple base powder and 2 shot shells with normal
    powder load 2,2 grams (33 grains)
    I try obtain subsonic load without loading data because I don`t find a loading label for my powder, and I try a load what I think to give a subsonic speed
    The test result was satisfactory but not enough like what I hope to obtain, and when I shoot with normal load of powder the shooting noise was loud, a kind of noise clogged , not annoying to ears like using gun without silencer.I hope you understand me.
    I need your help for to find a sound meter software for a computer or mobile phone and some loading data for 12 gauge subsonic shotshell.
    Thank you.
  8. RemFire

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    If your in Romania, and I'm guessing that's in the EU?, then see about getting yourself a Saddlery and Gunroom hushpower shotgun sent from the UK. It shouldn't be to hard transferring guns within the EU?.

    Unless you just want the fun of a DIY project?.

    Also check out Reflex suppressors, they have a shotgun silencer that adapts to your single barrel with some gunsmith work. Wont be as effective as a fully suppressed/ported barrel like the hush power ones though.

    You shouldn’t risk blowing anything unless you do something really silly, the real pressure is in the chamber on firing, so don’t play around down that end to much. But over here you would need to have the gun re-proofed before selling the gun on if it could be argued that you had weakened the integrity of the barrel. Such as from welding, drilling, cutting etc. Even if its not the law where you live, its worth bearing in mind as you might still be liable if it blew up on someone.

    Ps, whatever you do its going to need to be BIG as there are lots of grains of powder burnt in a shotgun, which produces lots of gas to slow down.
  9. zombieresponder

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    The part in red is incorrect. One does not have to be a licensed manfacturer to build a suppressor. An ATF Form 1 must be filed and approved, plus the $200 tax paid, and a few other minor things. The only difference between purchasing and building a suppressor is the form you fill out.
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    Got a simple solution....use a potato