Shotgun Receivers?

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    Hi im new to this forum and not sure if this is the right catagory for this thread but oh well...
    I am left handed and have wanted a left handed semi 12ga. I have looked around and have found that the few you do come across are $$$$$. I was just wondering if it were possible to buy a "left handed" reciver already assembled and piece together the rest(stock barrle ect.). If so where could i purchase one(website preferably).

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    remington and benelli are about it for lefty shotguns. i would skip the remington. my dad bought a new remington semi and hates it. its been back to remington twice. i finally fixed it for him back in december. the piston was rough and needed polishing. other than that it shoots but its pretty cheaply made. save for a benelli they currently make realy sweet lefty montifeltros. its pricey but they are nice as hell.

  3. Virginian

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    Remington has made left handed versions in the past, so I would look for a used one of those. I have been shooting right handed versions for 47 years with no issues. If you like Benellis, have at it, but no way do I think they are worth anywhere near what they want for them, plus I don't like the feel or the recoil. Proof that marketing does work however.
    You can't buy just a receiver, because a lot of other parts are different too. Some people shoot a right handed gun and just swap the safety over.
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    Get a sxs or and O/U with a tang safety- then left/right don't matter.......
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    :DThanks for all your answers.