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    My grandparents recently past away and in the attic i found an old shotgun that comes apart with a screw pin and a thumb lever. The only text on the gun is on a metal plate on the side of the gun that says "the sterling".

    Any ideas on what I have here?
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    Pics would help

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    First off, Welcome to the forum jt. When you get a few extra minutes, stop in at the introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself. It give us an idea of who you are, and over time you will get to know some of us.

    Secondly, Aikers has a good point. Without pictures it is harded for us to help you identify what that mystery shot gun is. I myself have no Idea as of yet, But we have members that have far more knowledge than myself.

    Once again, welcome aboard!
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    Double Barrel Right ? Made by A. H. Fox..............
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    As said, need pictures. There is a LOT of difference between "The Sterling" and "Sterlingworth".

    If it is a break-action shotgun, and you can remove the forearm, take the barrels off, and look at the underside of the barrels for markings, and the part of the action that was covered up by the barrels. Many of these were made in Europe, and may have a proofmark stamped there that will tell the tale of country of origin.
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    The first pic is were "the sterling" is ingraved on the metal. The serial number off the barrel is 4525. The barrel comes off the stock with a thumb lever of course to load a round and a screw pin takes it completely apart.

    I cant see the pictures i uploaded now.
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  7. c3shooter

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    Sterling was one of dozens of trade names used by the Crescent Firearms Mfg Company. Good bet that yours COULD be one of theirs. Not real high dolalr guns, but utility grade shooters. PLEASE have a smith check it before trying to shoot anything in it. Shells were not always the length they are now, some were for black powder only, etc.

    CRESCENT FIRE ARMS CO. & CRESCENT-DAVIS ARMS CO. Previous manufacturers and trademarks manufactured circa 1888-1931 in Norwich, CT.
    In 1888, George W. Cilley bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co. of Norwich, CT. He then formed an alliance with Frank Foster, and borrowed enough money to form the Crescent Fire Arms Company. Cilley and Foster each held several firearms patents, and both were highly qualified in firearms design and manufacture. Production began with single shot tip-up shotguns that had an external side hammer. Double barrel shotgun production was started in 1891. In 1893, they began making bicycle chains, and that same year, H&D Folsom took over the company's financial control. Early in the 1890s, Crescent built a rifle that resembled the Remington No. 4. A very rare Crescent was the .410 bore shotgun pistol, which was introduced in the 1920s. In 1929, N.R. Davis Firearms Co., then owned by Warner Arms Corp., merged with Cresent to become Crescent-Davis Arms Co. Because of financial crisis, business continued to decline, and they were forced to sell out. Savage Arms Co. acquired Davis-Cresent in 1931, assembled guns from the remaining parts, and these guns were sold under the Crescent name only. In 1932, the city of Norwich, CT, took over the Crescent property for non-payment of back taxes. After the Norwich facility was closed, manufacture was moved to Chicopee Falls.
    27th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values
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    Looks like one of the million or so made for local hardware stores or mail order catalog companies.
    Looks like yours was the precursor to the Sterling submachine gun :rolleyes:
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    Value won't be too high. It's a hardware store workin man's gun. As C3 said, have a smith give it a look. He will tell you most everything about it.