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    Hey guys. I have a browning auto 5 and for some reason after you fire the first round the second round gets ejected thru the bottom unused like the mag spring cant travel as fast as the bolt does. Also every time I use any hi brass loads the bolt and barrel slam back and get stuck and the shell gets stuck. I just bought it from a pawn shop. And I also made sure the recoil spring spacers and friction plates were set up correctly. It hasnt been completly disassembled and cleaned yet tho. Any tips or help. My buttstock is cracked and beat to hell as well.
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    The loading cycle of a tubular magazine shotgun is a delicate balancing act. There are devices Winchester calls shell cutoffs that move in and out controlling the release of a cartidge, yet catching the next one preventing problems. It is kind of hard to explain, but suffice it to say they can wear out causing the described problem. The more likely cause is fouling such as unburned powder residue interfering with the proper movement of these devices. Remove the trigger group, barrel, mag spring and follower (bolt if you can) and flush the receiver with gun scrubber to get the gunk out. A good cleaning solves many of these problems.

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    Yep. Clean first, then check for loose, worn, damaged parts.
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    yep what thay said clean itjust fixed an a500 buy doing that (sorry crag youll never live that down)