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Old combo side by side double barrel shotgun/rifle. Approx. 20 ga. & rifle about size of a #2 pencil, appears to be around a .32 but no precision measurements yet. No name or serial as I recognize but plenty of #'s and markings. Breakover release is on underside in front of trigger guard,instead of on top, it is hammerless. Only word is "Nitro"stamped on shotgun barrel (left side) along with a crown symbol over a capital U & C14-1 & another crown symbol over a W. Right side small caliber stamped 7727-1139-11 Cb-6 53U(with another crown symbol over the U) 527. Then at a 90 degree(perpindicular) to other markings is a 23-24 with a circle around the 24, and another capital W with a crown symbol over it.
On the web between the barrels is stamped 1433. It is currently equipped with small scope (weaver with weaver model 39 bases) and small swivels for a sling. Scope is old low power with screw-on removeable optics and of no real interest. Sling swivel mounts appear to be factory.
Also has an NP in a type of logo where the P is actually formed using the last leg of th N.
Wood appears to be a very marbled walnut. Stock has raised cheekplate & Monte Carlo style grip. Some fancy scrollwork on sides of receiver.
Anyone have any clue? Is currently not available to take pics. Found in an old home remodel currently trying to clean & identify. Any help is appreciated.

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Crown over U is probably East German inspectors mark
Crown over W? Probably East German Choked Barrel mark
The NP with the vertical part of the P formed by the right leg of
the N---is there a little letter under the P part?

NP is a Nitro Proof stamp. If it has a little letter under the P
I may be able to date it.

Pictures of the proof marks would help.
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