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    I got 3 questions here. first is, my cousin owns a NEF pardner single shot 20g and the firing pin fell out hen e were hunting, so i was wondering if we could get a titanium firing pin and put that in there, would that work? and then how would how would i put that in the gun? the final question is, my pump mossberg maverick 88 wont shoot half of he shells i put in there, in will leave a dimple but won't shoon the shell so how could i fix that? we had a guy take it apart and clean eveything but that didn't work so any help?
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    Double Ought- Titanium, steel etc does not matter. The firing pin designed for THAT gun matters. The firing pin is held in place by a retainer- looks like your cousin lost the retainer. Gun uses a transfer bar system IIRC- hammer hit the bar, which hits the firing pin. Find a gunsmith, pay him to do what he doe for a living- it will be worth it.

    While you are there, give him your pump gun. There could be a number of things causing fail-to-fire, none of which are truly identifiable at long range.

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    Rex recalls a lite striking Rem 870 Wingmaster

    I found that the rebounding fireing pin had packed up grit, sludge and other stuff in the firing pin channel till the firing pin was intermittantly firing the gun, I removed the firing pin and soaked the bolt with Brake cleaner and scraped out that area using a brass wire with flattened end (spatula) and was to scrape and scoop out all sorts of mean evil nasty gunk that had been packed in there during firings (1984 Rem 870 wingmaster).
    when storing a Shotgun leave the hammer down and the bolt closed put a condom over the muzzle so house dust wont accumulate in barrel (it does not shure how it gets in gun cabnet but does)
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    if yall are over 14 save your $ and get some new guns