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    Hey guys, looking for some opinions. I have a Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun. I currently have a Blackhawk Collapsable buttstock / pistol grip combo on it ( not the recoil reduction one.) anyways I'm contemplating purchasing a magpul buttstock and throwing that bad boy on their. To me it will then look like a true shotgun.

    Does anyone have experience with the magpul attachment? Pros cons? One con I'm already thinking of is the location of the safety will be slightly harder to get to while using the magpul. But that's pretty much the only con I can think of.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!


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    I love the Magpul shotgun stocks and hand guards combo. The feel great and with the spacers you can set length of pull.

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    Unless your on the job I assume you are talking home defense. If that's the case just throw a folding stock on her, I like them folded up while in the house,, easily folds down when you have the room. Home defense I'd pick up the 870 even though a handgun would be easier to pie doorways with, nothing beats a shotgun. Folded up makes it alot easier to get through doorways around the house at night.just



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