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  1. musicman

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    Hi all,

    I have been back and forth on what to do lately for a "tactical hi cap short/compact battle" 12 gauge. I have a remington 1100 that is great! Semi auto for Pete's sake!! Problem there is low round count and a little large to be "tactical size". Hi cap can be fixed by adding one of those xrails to is. Doesn't de-face it and what not. 2nd option. Buy a saiga 12 and bullpup it and get a drum. Thats right at $2000. .... 3rd is to get a keltec ksg or UTAS uts 15. Good luck finding one and finding one that is not listed for double the list price (ends up being around $2000) and theyre pump. Prefer semi. 4th option buy a srm 1216. Hi cap, semi auto, shorter than production guns AND. DETACHABLE MAGS!!! With 3 mags loaded that is a lot of shot down range with not much down time. Problem is it is $3000. So my question to you guys is-- do I go cost saving and just deal with the big bulky rem 1100 with xrail? Or do I start saving and get my absolute dream gun that has everything I want minus wifi.

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    I'm not into tactical guns but when it comes to hunting guns I have learned to get what you want because you will never be satisfied with something else even if it takes you a while to save up just do until you can afford it

  3. Blueguns

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    One helluva a narrative there, governor! I suggest you save and buy the gun that you really, really want. If you spend money on the xrail, you are still going to want the other gun(s).
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    Truth. I originally wanted a 12ga turkey gun. I settled for a 20ga Mossberg 500. This was largely motivated by the desire to make the shotgun usable y my wife (before we had handguns). She's not a shotgun fan AT ALL, so now I have a 20ga that I can't find a short barrel for, nor can I find reliable SD ammo, and half my turkey load options are not available due to gauge.
    I should have gotten the 12ga Stoeger Condor Outback like I wanted...:p
  5. 95sniper

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    Hickok45 on youtube has a comparison of the keltec and the utas
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    If you want hi-cap then you should definitely look at a platform designed around being a high cap shotgun.

    Shotguns are good defensive tools if someone takes the time to learn how to run them as such. You pretty much hit the nail on the head by identifying the limitations or design characteristics that make a shotgun more complex to run in the tactical realm.

    They generally have bulky and heavy ammo
    They generally have a relatively low mag capacity if fewer than 10 shots
    Reloading is usually not a fast evolution like simply dropping and adding a mag.
    They offer different ammo types in bird shot, buckshot and slugs but switching rounds on the fly can take some forethought.
    Effective range can be limited by ammo selection and the ability to deliver enough pellets that are capable of delivering enough trauma to stop an assailant beyond a certain range. That range can vary from one gun to another or from one brand of ammo to another.
    Different manufacturers may require different steps to accomplish a ammo swap.
    Keeping extra ammo on or in the gun can be a problem of weight and bulk.

    Shotguns are a lot more complex than a lot if folks realize. Good luck in your search.
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    Dear all
    I appreciate your input more than you know. As much as I would LOVE an srm 1216 ... I just can't justify spending $3000.00 on a shotgun. If/when I join the force then maybe but until then.. I have decided to leave my old pap's 1100 alone and buy a $400 stoeger pump 12 (model 530 ithink but idk) Comes with pistol grip.. Add a railed forend for vertical grip. And add an xrail giving me 15+1 or 21+1 depending on the model and i am still under $1000. I would love an automatic. But semi auto shotguns dont cycle as fast as lile ARs (minus saigas but the price out the gate is too steep for me) so one can pump as fast or fast than an 110 can cycle. So again sure it's not my "dream" tac shoty... But it saves me 2k.
  8. locutus

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    Get an 18 inch barrel and magazine extension for your 1100. you will have one of the finest SD/LE shotguns available.

    If that doesn't float your boat, take a look at the Benelli M-2 or M-4.

    If you need more than 7 rounds of buckshot, you're screwed anyway.
  9. John_Deer

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    Reloading quickly has never been an issue for me with a shotgun. Hunters that took me hunting as a child always reloaded as soon as they fired a shot. I learned to do the same. I started hunting with a break down single shot. I had two shells in my hand when someone put me on a stand. With a little practice I could quickly fire 3 shots. As a young boy I took as many deer as any adult in our hunting club. Why? Because adults would dump me on a stand and leave me there. They would go on in front of the dogs. Quite often the pack of dogs would break off on a doe. But one or two old dogs would stick with the buck who came back to me.

    Once I grew older I got a pump shotgun, a Mossberg 500. I learned the lessons of the hunters who took me hunting as a child. I liked the 500 because there is nothing in the way to make me look to reload it. Even today with COPD and broken body I can reload and fire a Mossberg 500 on a dead run. Someone might have to carry me back after the demonstration but it proves that anyone can learn to do it.
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