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    I'm not sure if this thread belongs here, but any mod can move it if they want.
    I found an app for my smart phone today, called "IPSC Shot Timer"
    It turns your phone into a shot timer with the beep, shot count and provides calibration and various settings. It's a free android app. I haven't used it yet, but just looking it over I think it will be just fine. Just passing along the info.
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    I was looking for that last week. The one I got was free. I had seen an old link to two of them, one by sure fire and one by Taurus but they are both gone. Mine is just called Shot Timer

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    Edit:5/18: there are also paid apps that offer a bit more in the way of functionality, and one developer is trying out a Bluetooth controlled sensor for a Chronograph( according to Mac Format and Mac Life Magazines' websites )
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