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  1. moron88

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    what do you use for what? meaning, what do you plink and with what? what do you hunt and hunt with? target? calibers?

    i have never fired a center fire but i own the other 3. i plink with .22lr, .177 and 20 gauge. i use my red ryder to take the heads off of dollar store army men (how is it so damn accurate?!), .22 and pellet guns for what trash i have in the yard (i need to pick those bottles up) and 20 gauge to blow up hatter filled milk jugs.

    i do a little paper punching but i need to get a new air rifle for that (i dont like aiming firearms beyond 90* from the ground for safty reasons (i try to get the ground in my sight picture to stop misses)).

    i dont do much hunting or pest control but its fun trying to hit small birds and bugs with a daisy powerline 880.
  2. c3shooter

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    Plinking? Safe full of 22s- pick one out.

    Air rifle? Sheridan Blue Streak- 5mm

    Shotgun? 12.16. 20. 410. Usually for dove season.

    That is, before that HORRIBLE boating accident where everything went to the bottom of Unreachable Bay in a strong storm........:rolleyes:

  3. JonM

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    458 socom/458 winmag for deer/hog

    5.56 coyote

    1911 45acp 230grn fmj rabbit or longbow for rabbit and carp

    plinking 22lr i have a good selection from ar15 to 1911 sig ruger walther bersa
  4. aandabooks

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    Bunch of .22s for plinking and occasional late season squirrel hunting.

    12/20 gauges for deer, rabbit and turkey

    .223 or 7.62x54 for coyote

    .54 black powder for deer