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Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by falseharmonix, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Went to the range yesterday (for the first time in being poor) I took my 9mm with me, and decided to rent the range mini-14.

    One word.....AWESOME! :D

    I've never fired any rifle other than a .22, so I wasn't sure what to expect for recoil. But after the first round, I discovered that .223 is a *****cat to shoot :cool: (especially compared to my Mossy 590 with 3" slugs)

    It was an older model, with a wood stock and metal folder. Wasn't overly fond of the sites (the peep hole was incredibly small, and the lighting isn't too bright in the range). But, I'm definitely going to buy one now (i've been in the market for one, just watching for prices to drop to a reasonable level). The Garand-style action is extremely intuitive, and since I shoot lefty, it was very easy to keep my strong hand on the goods and ready to go. (i'm right handed, but left eye dominant. So long guns are lefty, and handguns are righty)

    I do have one question. Was shooting PMC .223 (50 gr) and the smoke smell was very strong of ammonia (not the normal sulfur like smell) Is this typical for .223 ammo, or for PMC brand?
  2. falseharmonix

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    forgot to mention one little interesting tidbit of fun.

    I asked the people at the range if they had any mini's for sale, and what their prices were. The guy says "yea, lets go take a look".

    He says "Looks like this one is a Ruger.....$849"

    I'm sure the look I gave him was priceless. He seemed like a nice guy, but was obviously new to the store and didn't have much experience lol :rolleyes:

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    Congratulations False. You can find New Mini's for a lot less than that. :eek:

    I love Mini's. :cool:
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    Oh I know. I went to the local gun show today and saw a NIB for $729. I could have bought it, but I think i've seen better deals on gun broker for the same model and condition.

    Instead, I bought some raffle tickets for a Kimber and a Ruger LCP :cool:
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    Mini 14's rock. Getchoo one.
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    was reading up on these and was pumped to find the, Ruger Mini-14/GB-F
    This is the rifle they always used on the A-Team:D with the folding stalk and stainless barrel... I will own this gun:cool:

    I also need a Browning High Power like Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 1

    I love it when a plan comes together!
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